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Our school and educational construction services are designed to deliver exceptional results that meet the highest standards of excellence.

School and Education Construction Services London

At New Build Contractors, our dedicated education construction contractors understand the importance of creating a nurturing learning environment for students and the staff. Our approach, to educational construction, is centered around a commitment to precision and excellence throughout the planning and building of all school development projects. Our reputation doesn't solely rely on our ability to construct schools; it extends to a range of commercial building projects as well.

We ensure that our construction projects are safe and comfortable for the students all year round. Our design process is tailored specifically to match the vision of each educational institution. In addition to aesthetics and functionality, we also emphasize sustainability ensuring that every project is energy efficient and minimizes its impact on the environment. With us you're not just constructing a school; you're shaping a future, for generations.

With our experience in the education sector, we have successfully delivered construction projects for a range of educational facilities from primary schools to universities. We are well aware of the challenges that come with working in this field such as managing environments, tight schedules ensuring safety measures, and being flexible enough to accommodate various school events. Our track record includes projects for both public and private educational buildings across the UK all with a strong focus on meeting the requirements of our clients as well as students and teachers.

Building Inspiring Learning Environments for the Future

Creating inspiring learning environments for generations is at the core of what we do. School and educational construction require knowledge and expertise to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Our team, at New Build Contractors consists of professionals who have worked on school projects including primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. We possess knowledge in this field and fully understand the importance of providing secure and suitable spaces for students to thrive in their education journey.

At New Build Contractors we understand the responsibility that comes with shaping the future of education. As a trusted contractor specializing in builds and experienced project managers, for both private educational institutions in the UK, we fully comprehend the importance of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sensitivity when delivering remarkable new constructions, extensions, and refurbishments.

Our priority is to complete construction projects while minimizing disruption. We acknowledge that educational establishments are not buildings; they are vibrant communities where young minds are nurtured. That's why we work closely with these institutions to ensure that our construction processes seamlessly align with their programs.

Delivering Successful Educational Construction Projects with Minimal Disruption

We understand that health and safety should be of the utmost priority throughout the construction site during the school builds. By forging strong working relationships with our customers, we gain a better understanding of their requirements which enables us to develop work methods and schedules that minimize disruptions during periods such as teaching and examination times. We take care in planning work during less sensitive times to maintain a smooth academic flow while carrying out our tasks.

We have over a decade of experience working within the school environment and are committed to assisting you every step of the process, we guarantee to not leave any questions unanswered, whilst communicating with you to discuss any issues that may arise and any changes you may wish to discuss.

Our recent projects serve as evidence of our ability to deliver school, college, and university projects, within agreed timelines and budgets using fast-track methods. Throughout the duration of the project, we make it a priority to establish and nurture connections, with both the client management team and end users. This approach allows for lines of communication. Encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

When you choose New Build Contractors for your educational construction project you can trust that you are working with a team that understands and values the requirements of a setting. We are dedicated to providing outcomes while minimizing any disturbances. Rest assured in our track record of expertise and unwavering commitment, to excellence.

The New Build Contractors Approach in London

As contractors specializing in school and educational construction, we understand that educational settings are more than just buildings; they are vibrant centers of growth, knowledge, and community. Each educational institution has its goals, challenges, and stakeholders including students, teachers, and parents. We not only listen attentively to your expectations and limitations but also align our approach to ensure that the result reflects your educational institution's vision and serves its purpose for many years to come.

Whether your project of a small or big scale, our teams have the expertise and are fully prepared to transform your vision into a reality. To get a glimpse of our craftsmanship and unwavering dedication we invite you to explore our collection of completed educational projects.


Our School Construction Services in London

We have experience in the field of construction and offer a wide range of school and educational building services;

Construction of new buildings on a large scale

Complete school refurbishments

Upgrades and renovations including specialized areas like kitchens and restrooms

Extensions and Re-modelling

Complete strip-out and transformative remodeling

Installation and removal of partition walls

Expert demolition services

Creation of pavilion structures

Finishing touches such as flooring, painting, plastering, and tiling

Prompt and reliable repair services

We adhere to strict building regulations to ensure that every project we undertake meets the highest standards. Our esteemed CHAS accreditation is proof of our commitment to quality and safety while our comprehensive insurance provides peace of mind.

We are frequently entrusted with projects for schools, colleges, and universities facing challenges. These challenges range from infrastructures to space, due to growing student populations. We understand the challenges that educational institutions often face therefore we engage in open dialogue with our clients so that our team can offer solutions that deliver results within their means. 


Flexible Working Hours and School Holidays

We understand that schools and educational institutions have their schedules, so we offer a flexible approach that can be tailored to your school's specific needs. Our team is ready to work during school holidays making sure projects are completed before the start of the term. Alternatively, we can efficiently work outside school hours ensuring that student's day-to-day routines are not affected.

We are mindful of the disruptions caused by the construction activities, which is why we carefully plan and organize our tasks. We try that less noisy activities can be carried out during school hours but are limited to areas to maintain an uninterrupted learning environment. For tasks like demolition, we guarantee that they will only take place when the premises are empty prioritizing the safety and well-being of everyone on site.

We fully recognize the importance of minimizing disruptions during school hours that's why we commit to adapting our operations according to teaching hours. A dedicated project manager will oversee every phase of the project ensuring smoothness and cohesion throughout.



Our extensive experience in the education sector spans from various institutions from primary schools to higher education establishments. Our dedicated teams are skilled at operating in environments ensuring that students can continue their studies without any disruptions and that projects are completed in time for the academic terms. Here are some of the educational establishments we work for: 

Primary education; Primary schools have a responsibility to support children as they take their steps towards education and personal development both inside the classroom and within the broader community. We prioritize engaging with end users throughout our design process to ensure that the school's design and functionalities meet their requirements.

Secondary Education; When working on construction projects in schools we approach them with utmost sensitivity towards students' needs especially those who are preparing for crucial exams that can shape their future. Whether it involves modernizing existing infrastructure or constructing classrooms, we maintain collaboration with schools to ensure that any potentially disruptive work is carried out at appropriate times.

Special education needs; We understand that students with learning and behavioral challenges may struggle with changes in their environment. Our teams fully recognize this and make all our efforts to minimize any disruption caused by building programs, for both students and staff alike.

Higher education; We specialize in delivering college and university buildings that go beyond classrooms and lecture halls. Our designs include workshops, flexible study spaces, retail establishments, and job and training centers.

School Renovations and additions; When it comes to school renovations and additions we have the expertise to modernize existing schools and provide space, for growing student populations. From remodeling classrooms to constructing wings on existing school buildings we cover it all.

Athletic facilities; Athletic facilities are another area where we excel, whether it's designing and building brand gyms, sports fields, or swimming pools or renovating existing ones we create excellent spaces for athletes of all kinds.

Science and technology centers; We also take pride in creating science and technology centers that allow students to enhance their skills in science, engineering, and technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art labs, workshops, and computer centers these institutions empower students to explore their potential.

Libraries; Libraries play a role in schools by serving instructional as well as community purposes. Whether it's developing libraries from scratch or renovating ones into functional hubs of knowledge exchange our team is up for the task.

Accessibility improvements; Furthermore we recognize the significance of accessibility improvements in schools. To ensure access for students and staff, with disabilities or mobility challenges, our services encompass the installation of wheelchair ramps, lifts, and other essential amenities that enhance building accessibility.

In general, our school and educational construction services are specifically tailored to assist schools in adapting to the changing requirements of students and staff. At New Build Contractors, we offer our expertise to help clients determine the suitable approach that aligns with their needs and budget.

University Building Refurbishment: Enhancing Educational Environments

At New Build Contractors, we deeply understand the impact that the physical environment has on students' academic performance at Universities. We recognize that having the best facilities is crucial, for creating a learning and research experience. Our dedicated team specializes in providing refurbishment solutions that enhance the atmosphere.

We offer a range of university refurbishment services that are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each institution. Our expertise lies in transforming classrooms into spaces that promote learning paying attention to important aspects such as lighting, acoustics, and integrating technology. We also recognize the vital role libraries play in students' educational journey and strive to create tranquil environments equipped with resources.

When it comes to student accommodations our focus is on modernizing areas to prioritize safety, comfort, and a sense of community. Creating state-of-the-art laboratories is a point of pride for us as we ensure both safety and foster innovation and creativity. Additionally, we take pride in transforming areas like corridors, dining zones, and recreational spaces into lively hubs for interaction and relaxation.

Our commitment to upholding safety standards and delivering quality is unwavering—we meticulously adhere to all building regulations by conducting risk assessments and implementing measures throughout the refurbishment process.

At the heart of our building approach is a belief in fostering partnerships with universities. We work closely with everyone involved in the university community including administrators and students to understand their goals, for the space. This collaboration ensures that our refurbishments not only improve the environment but also align, with the broader aspirations of the university community. When you choose New Build Contractors for your refurbishment project you can trust that our team is dedicated to achieving excellence.

Community feedback and Educational construction projects

In the changing world of infrastructure, community engagement has become a core vital aspect in creating inclusive and adaptable spaces. New Build Contractors are leading the way by implementing initiatives that incorporate community input into school and educational construction projects. How exactly are we achieving this progress? 

We encourage conversations with the local community and actively organize forums and discussion panels where parents, educators, and students can express their thoughts and concerns. These platforms bring together perspectives fostering a positive approach, to shaping educational spaces that meet with the collective aspirations of the local community.

Furthermore, advanced technology is employed to provide walkthroughs allowing stakeholders to immerse themselves in the proposed environments even before construction begins. This interactive approach not only gathers feedback but also fosters a sense of ownership and belonging among local community members.

Transparency is another element that strengthens these initiatives. By providing updates and maintaining channels of communication, we ensure that the community is well informed about the progress being made. This builds trust and facilitates feedback throughout all stages of the school or educational construction.

Moreover, New Build Contractors are establishing partnerships with architects and craftsmen to integrate community art and culture into spaces. This beneficial partnership not only enhances the local infrastructure but also fosters a sense of pride and cultural continuity, among community members.

In essence, these collaborative efforts by New Build Contractors to incorporate community input serves as evidence of our dedication to nurturing spaces that are not only structurally sound but also deeply resonate with the local community for whom the school and educational facility is built. By promoting a spirit of cooperation these initiatives are paving the way, for educational institutions that genuinely belong to and serve their communities. 

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School and Education Construction FAQs

Can you work on School Projects of any size?


We work on all school projects irrespective of whether they are small, big, or complex, we have the skills to make your vision a reality. We work across all subsectors of education from Primary through to Higher. 

Do you offer a tailored approach in Educational Construction?


We understand that when it comes to school and educational spaces, each facility has its own unique needs and requirements for students, staff, and parents. We take into consideration your needs and budget, and work to ensure that we give you the transformation you need to help your school succeed in the future. 

Can you work during School Holidays?


Our team is flexible and can undertake your school building or renovation project during the school holidays. We will ensure your project is completed before students return for the next semester. We can also work outside the school hours to get your project completed. 

How do you address Disruption and Noise?


We are sensitive to the needs of students and staff and our flexibility means we can work outside the school hours. Your project manager will ensure everything runs smoothly and with limited disruption. We understand noise can be a concern, that is why we prefer to complete quieter jobs during school hours and limit our work to one area at a time so that the student's daily life is not disrupted or distracted. All demolition work will be carried out when the site is completely vacant. 

Can you work on Listed University Buildings?


New Build Contractors are well experienced in providing construction and renovation work for listed university buildings across the UK. Our specialist team can work on renovations, extensions, and upgrades, as well as installation of the latest technologies, and much more. 

How do you maintain Health and Safety Standards in Schools?


Our teams are highly professional when working on any building site and adhere to all the strict health and safety protocols. Whether we work during the term time or school holidays, or if the site is empty or open to the staff. Your staff and students' safety are very important to us. Before starting the construction process, we will discuss our safety practices and answer any queries you may have. 

We only require school refurbishment. Is this something you can handle?


Absolutely! We are capable of handling school refurbishments as well as large-scale renovation projects. Whether you need improvements or significant changes, to your school or educational space we are eager to discuss your needs and provide solutions.

Can you collaborate with subcontractors?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Will there be a guarantee for the school building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our school and educational building projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you offer a free no-obligation quotation?


Of course. We will visit your property at a time convenient for all the parties involved and quote for the required works. If you do not own the property yet and are looking for us to quote on work, this will be chargeable at a fixed cost. 

Do you offer a Design to Build Service?


We have a team of skilled contractors providing outstanding design and build services across the UK commercial industry. We deliver custom, design to build school and educational construction solutions in the UK. Our aim is to build eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable spaces that are specially tailored to your needs.

What does "Building the Scope of Works" mean?


The scope of works refers to a written document that provides an overview of all the components involved in the construction process. It serves as a project management tool aimed at achieving the desired outcome by outlining a timeline schedule and specific project milestones. It ensures clarity and transparency for all the parties involved in the project and it is vital for the smooth running and success of any given project.

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