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From planning to completion, we'll oversee every aspect of the hotel construction process, delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Hotel and Leisure Construction Services London

Hospitality Construction; A Specialized Approach to Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

New Build Contractors is a company that specializes in creating solutions for the hotel and leisure industries. We have experience in meeting the needs of our hospitality clients. Our expertise lies in areas, including constructing, renovating, and furnishing hotels well as developing cutting-edge sports and leisure facilities. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver results always adhering to timelines and staying within budget.

What's Hospitality Construction?

Hospitality construction pertains to the building of facilities primarily intended for accommodating, entertaining, and ensuring the comfort of guests. This encompasses a range of structures such as hotels, resorts, leisure centers, serviced apartments, convention centers, theaters, and other related venues. The main objective of these establishments is to deliver a delightful experience for their guests, therefore the design and construction process plays a vital role in creating inviting and functional spaces that adhere to the standards set by the hospitality industry.

Are you thinking about renovating, extending, or starting a hotel, restaurant, or leisure facility?

New Build Contractors offers a range of construction services within the Hospitality industry. With our experience in this field, we specialize in creating solutions for commercial infrastructure projects. Our portfolio encompasses everything from scale constructions to smaller extensions always prioritizing professionalism and exceptional quality. We serve locations across England and Wales ensuring that every project is completed on time and, within budget.

Complete Construction Solutions for Hotel and Leisure Construction Services

At New Build Contractors, we offer a range of construction solutions specifically designed for the hotel and leisure industry. We take care of every aspect starting from the hotel design phase where we transform your vision into designs that meet modern hospitality standards. Our meticulous construction process ensures that each structure is built with a focus, on quality, safety, and compliance with regulations. But our expertise doesn't stop at constructing buildings; we also specialize in refurbishing existing hospitality properties to match the evolving preferences of today's discerning guests. Our experience covers a range of hospitality and leisure sectors, including luxury boutique hotels as well as expansive resorts that provide an ideal getaway. Moreover, we excel in creating casinos that are also operationally efficient designing restaurants that stimulate appetites through their ambiance alone, and constructing entertainment facilities such as theaters, nightclubs, and multiplexes that guarantee an exceptional experience. Join forces with us to enjoy an end-to-end journey in hospitality construction.

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Bringing Your Vision to Life

At New Build Contractors we are dedicated to ensuring that your vision is accurately reflected in the final outcome. Whether you're planning a newly built hotel construction project or aiming to transform an existing hotel property let us collaborate on shaping the future of hospitality together. With our team by your side, you can expect exceptional construction services tailored to meet your project's requirements while enhancing the guest experience.

Experts in Hotel and Leisure Projects

New Build Contractors specializes in providing design, construction, and maintenance solutions for hotel and leisure brands, across the UK. Our clients highly value our approach when it comes to creating the desired ambiance and customer experience demanded by this competitive industry. We can provide input throughout the design process starting from the initial concept, to the final delivery. We offer guidance on construction methods to achieve solutions.

Breathing New Life into Spaces: Hotel Renovation Services London

In the ever-changing world of hospitality, New Build Contractors has earned a reputation for transforming existing spaces into exceptional hotel accommodations. Whether you want to renovate a hotel or re-build entirely our team is dedicated to delivering the very best hotel renovation services.

Expertise that Adapts to Projects

We have experience working with a wide range of building types, including historically significant Grade II listed structures and vacant or neglected office spaces. Our team of project managers, contractors, and suppliers excel in handling intricate refurbishments, high-quality interior fit-outs enhancing brand identities, and implementing change-of-use schemes.

Attentive to Detail in Live Environments

We recognize the challenges involved in renovating hospitality environments—especially when dealing with bustling city centers and space limitations. Our team is well-equipped to navigate these complexities while minimizing disruptions to your daily operations. Rest assured that even as we renovate your premises your business will continue to operate as normal.

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The Hospitality Sector in London

At New Build Contractors we have an understanding of the hospitality industry and the importance of providing an optimum guest experience. Our main objective is to reflect your dedication to creating stays that will keep guests coming back in the future. In the fast-paced world of hospitality, we know that time is valuable and every unavailable room means lost revenue. That's why we specialize in schedules that minimize downtime without compromising on quality.

Our extensive portfolio includes a range of projects, from constructing brand-new hotels to intricate renovations and everything in between. Just like you, we too are committed to ensuring satisfaction for both you and your guests. Whether it's leading a newly built hotel construction project, refurbishing an existing hotel, or converting facilities, our team of hospitality construction experts is fully attuned to your requirements.

When working in occupied properties, our top priority is guest comfort and convenience because we understand their experience is paramount. We make sure our presence in your hotel establishment is discreet and considerate—it's almost as if we're an extension of your team. We take care to minimize any disruptions so that the construction process remains concealed and hereby preserve the essential guest experience.

With our expertise in every aspect of hotel construction, ranging from the lobbies to the efficient laundry facilities, New Build Contractors not only promise exceptional construction but also a commitment to providing a superior service. Let's work together to create spaces that embody luxury, comfort, and operational excellence.

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Our Approach to Preconstruction

At New Build Contractors we understand that successful hospitality projects start with preconstruction planning. Before we even begin laying the brick, our dedicated preconstruction team works closely with you to align on project goals and budget limitations, and a clear timeline is provided.

Right from the start we prioritize establishing a strong working partnership with you to ensure that your dream hospitality project becomes a reality just as you envisioned it. We understand that all construction projects are dynamic and more than often bring unforeseen changes. With our expertise, we skillfully navigate these challenges to keep your project seamlessly on track.

We take pride in thinking outside the box, whether it involves design details or construction techniques, our team creates custom solutions specifically tailored to your hotel or leisure center. Through planning, we identify opportunities for cost savings and operational efficiencies before construction commences hereby helping you in optimizing the return on your investment.

Get in touch with New Build Contractors today so that together we can lay the foundation for your hospitality project that exemplifies quality, innovation, and collaboration. Let's build success, from the ground up!

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Hotel and Leisure Construction FAQs

Do you provide free no-obligation quotations?


Of course. We will visit your property at a time convenient for all the parties involved and quote for the required works. If you do not own the property yet and are looking for us to quote on work, this will be chargeable at a fixed cost. 

Can you work as a Principal Contractor on a Hotel Project?


New Build Contractors is a specialist main contractor providing construction services for projects in the hotel, leisure, and hospitality sectors. We assist our clients who require development and construction expertise on complex projects across the UK. 

Do you provide advice and budgetary hotel consultation?


Absolutely, right from the start of the project, we can deliver strategic advice on your project's viability, cost savings, and risk profile. Later, we can work on your project as the main contractor or a subcontractor for whatever the preferred role may be. 

Do you offer a turn-key Hotel Construction Service?


Yes, we work with some of the most popular brands within the hotel and leisure industry, offering our custom turnkey construction service for the entire hotel renovation, leisure centre restaurants, bars, gyms, and other leisure facilities. 

Do you have a specialist in-house construction team?


At New Build Contractors, we keep our specialist trades in-house which means we have full control over all aspects of the hotel and leisure construction project. From the flooring and decorating team to in-house engineers who are experts in mechanical and electrical installations. With our teams, we cover all aspects of hotel and leisure construction whether you have a small project or a large complex build, we will deliver the quality you and your clients expect.

Do you have a Safety plan in place?


We prioritize safety above all else as it not only contributes to the success of our business but also reflects our ethical values. Our entire team, including employees and trade partners, strictly follows a safety plan. Throughout the project, we give importance to safety by conducting meetings and diligently documenting daily inspections. As a hotel and leisure contractor in the UK, ensuring safety always remains our priority.

Can you collaborate with subcontractors?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Will there be a guarantee, for the building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our hotel and leisure building projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you offer a Design to Build Service?


We have a team of skilled contractors providing outstanding design and build services across the UK hotel industry. We deliver custom, design to build commercial hotel and leisure construction solutions in the UK. Our aim is to build eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable spaces that are specially tailored to your needs. 

What does "Building the Scope of Works" mean?


The scope of works refers to a written document that provides an overview of all the components involved in the construction process. It serves as a project management tool aimed at achieving the desired outcome by outlining a timeline schedule and specific project milestones. It ensures clarity and transparency for all the parties involved in the project and it is vital for the smooth running and success of any given project.

We only require a hotel refurbishment. Is this something you can handle?


Absolutely! We are capable of handling Hotel refurbishments as well as large-scale renovation projects. Whether you need improvements or significant changes, to your property, we are ready to discuss your needs and provide solutions.

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