Multi Storey Car Parks Construction

Our team of professionals designs and builds a space that is both functional and visually appealing, maximizing your parking capacity while ensuring the safety and convenience of drivers.

Car Park Design and Build Contractor

New Build Contractors are recognized as one of the leading specialists in the UK when it comes to designing and constructing multi-storey car parks. What sets us apart in this niche market? It's our approach of combining construction practices with in-house design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities that offers a solution that stands out in the industry.

The key difference between a car park and an exceptional state-of-the-art facility lies in paying attention to every detail and employing engineering techniques. At New Build Contractors, every project adheres to industry-leading standards. Our contractors constantly strive for excellence and collaborate with the best architects allowing us to create appealing yet functional car parks. Our focus is on maximizing parking capacities ensuring traffic flow and prioritizing pedestrian safety. By implementing strategies such as manufacturing and modern construction methods we can expedite project timelines while minimizing disruptions, to the public by effectively managing multiple aspects of a project simultaneously.

What do we offer?

At New Build Contractors, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive car park building service. From the consultation all the way, to the construction our integrated approach covers everything including design, manufacturing, delivery, and execution. This holistic method not only ensures efficient time management but also optimizes cost-effectiveness for our valued clients. 

Why Car Parks? 

Car parks are components of infrastructure as they provide designated spaces or structures for temporary vehicle parking. They play a vital role in business hubs, public institutions, shopping centers, and other areas with foot traffic. For establishments that attract crowds, it is essential to offer efficient parking solutions. With our track record, in car park construction, New Build Contractors creates solutions that maximize available space while considering location factors, potential revenue generation opportunities, and stringent security requirements.


Why Use Steel Frame And Composite Car Park Decking In Car Park Construction?

Steel is the best choice when it comes to constructing raised decks and multi storey parking structures. Its lightweight nature combined with its strength eliminates the need for foundations. 

One of the advantages of using steel is its ease of assembly which significantly reduces construction time and expenses for parking lots. Moreover, steel offers adaptability allowing for the incorporation of all elements in an efficient parking lot design. It is also highly durable and resistant to vandalism and fire and can easily accommodate advancements in parking-related technology.

Car Park Design

At New Build Contractors, we have a team of in-house designers ready to work closely with you. Whether we start from scratch or build upon your ideas, our goal is to create a sustainable and optimized plan for your project. Our design team consists of civil engineers, MEPH specialists, and talented CAD modelers. They are all proficient in industry-leading software and strictly follow BIM protocols.

Here's what we offer;

Thorough feasibility assessments

3D modeling and CGI visualization

Strict adherence to BIM standards

CDM guidance including the Principal Designer role

Comprehensive design coverage; civil, architectural, and MEPH

Well-developed fire strategy formulations and implementation of protection systems

Smooth integration with your specific design requirements

Complete planning assistance from initial advice to a comprehensive planning application package that includes detailed surveys and stakeholder consultations.

Dedicated support and collaboration with authoritative organizations such as the police, BPA (British Parking Association), and other relevant agencies, for Park Mark accreditation.

Car Park Build

As leading construction contractors in the UK, we are at the forefront of designing off-site modular systems specifically tailored for car park infrastructure.

Our customized modular designs are created to meet the needs of car parking facilities, utilizing structural steel frames and concrete floors. These materials not only provide durability and resilience but also ensure long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance required. The inherent flexibility of our modular systems allows us to easily adapt them to suit our client's specific requirements.

By utilizing construction techniques, methodologies, and our own off-site manufacturing capabilities, we are able to deliver integrated solutions that incorporate frame structures, cladding, and services.

Our commitments;

Safety is our concern

Designing specialized modular solutions specifically for car parks

Ensuring streamlined site operations characterized by cleanliness and organization

Implementing astute logistical planning to minimize disruptions, for the public

Proudly serving as Principal Contractor and esteemed member of the Considerate Contractors Scheme.

Car Park Technology

In today's age, technology is what defines a state-of-the-art car park. We collaborate with specialist industry experts to bring custom innovative solutions for parking facilities across the UK. By embracing automation, our facilities provide automated parking experiences for users. We are also committed to sustainability and incorporate features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. To improve efficiency and user satisfaction, our integrated parking management systems utilize ANPR technology. In response to the growing popularity of electric vehicles, we have installed car charging stations in our facilities. Furthermore, we ensure planning and execution by using a Tekla 3D model for visualizing each project. Our goal is not just building parking spaces but shaping the future of parking.

Car Park Aesthetics 

While it's crucial to prioritize technology and functionality, the visual appeal of a car park holds greater importance as it can truly enhance the project. It seamlessly aligns with the aspirations of our clients and caters, to the preferences of the local community.

At the forefront of our approach is our off-site design and build cladding systems. These systems provide a range of materials that offer both flexibility and an array of options for our clients such as, framed panel solutions, designed specifically for swift installation without compromising on aesthetics. You have the freedom to express your individuality with our solar panels, which can be configured in ways to give each project its own distinctive visual flair. If you're seeking creativity we offer unmatched flexibility in material selection and visual design.

Rest assured that we prioritize more than just looks in our designs. Every choice we make adheres to ventilation compliance, ensuring that practicality is perfectly balanced with beauty.

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