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At New Build Contractors, we design & build warehouses and distribution facilities across the UK. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

Warehouse Construction: Functionality and Efficiency Tailored to Your Needs

Are you in need of constructing a warehouse, extending an existing one, or renovating your current infrastructure? You've come to the right place if you're seeking experts in warehouse construction. At New Build Contractors we take pride in transforming your vision into reality by creating spaces that enhance your business operations and benefit every member of your staff who works within them.

At New Build Contractors we specialize in constructing warehouses handling a range of projects, from £100k to over £20m. Our expertise covers the design and construction of large warehouse buildings, advanced logistics centers, specialized storage facilities (including temperature-controlled environments), and modern logistics hubs across England and Wales. Whether you have a vision for a large-scale warehouse building or a smaller extension, our commitment remains the same which is providing unmatched professionalism and the highest quality craftsmanship, for every project we undertake.

Warehouse Construction Specialists 

At New Build Contractors, we have a team that is dedicated to meeting all your requirements. We will create a tailored warehouse environment that caters to the needs of both your business operations and your staff members. With our expertise, in warehouse construction, we can assure you that entrusting us with your project will result in excellence from start to finish.

Our comprehensive approach covers all the aspects of optimal warehouse performance. This includes providing space for equipment handling, ensuring ventilation and abundant natural lighting, prioritizing energy efficiency, and addressing various other intricate details. By combining your vision with our expertise we can create a facility that's not functional but also improves operational efficiency.

Your Trusted Warehouse Contractor in London

At New Build Contractors, our expert team will design and build a customized warehouse environment that perfectly aligns with your business needs. We are specialists in constructing warehouses and can assure you that by choosing us for your project you'll receive excellence every step of the way. Our comprehensive approach covers all the aspects required for an optimized warehouse. This includes ensuring space, for equipment handling, ventilation ample natural light, energy efficiency, and attention, to intricate details. By combining your vision with our expertise we'll deliver a warehouse facility that not only meets your requirements but also enhances operational efficiency.

Turn-key Warehouse Construction Specialists

Effective communication is at the core of our warehouse building operations ensuring that you are kept informed about every stage of the construction process. We believe that your active involvement is crucial in making sure that the project seamlessly aligns with your business goals.

One of the key advantages of our expertise in warehouse construction lies in the proficiency of our building team. By handling all building aspects we not only reduce costs associated with external contractors but also eliminate potential delays that can arise from outsourcing and sub-contracting.

If you're seeking high-quality custom construction solutions for warehouse build then your search ends here. Contact us today to have a discussion about your requirements.

Warehouse Construction Services London

At New Build Contractors, we provide a range of warehouse construction contractor services bringing our valuable expertise to your project. Whether you need a large-scale build or a smaller warehouse extension, we are dedicated to delivering professional results while upholding the highest standards of workmanship.

In today's era, the importance of warehousing, logistics, and distribution has significantly increased as businesses enhance their online and e-commerce strategies. As we move towards Industry 4.0, automated warehouses and advanced fulfillment technologies are becoming more prevalent. At New Build Contractors we are at the forefront of this shift and well equipped to support these advancements.

Our approach revolves around understanding our client's fundamental requirements. We meticulously address energy efficiency considerations for temperature-controlled environments. We also prioritize maintaining integrity optimizing layouts for operations and ensuring sanitary finishes. Our commitment remains steadfast; every facility we construct or refurbish exceeds client expectations.

To streamline our warehouse build projects, we seamlessly integrate equipment installation by collaborating with technology providers on everything from palletizers to racking systems. Our goal is to provide a complete warehouse-building experience for our clients.

Our vast experience has taught us the importance of maintaining the functionality of a site while ensuring the safety and hygiene standards are upheld throughout the project duration.

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Industrial Warehouse Contractor; Expertise, Precision Tailored Solutions

As a Warehouse construction contractor specializing in industrial warehouse projects in the UK, we are renowned, for our exceptional expertise and attention to detail. With experience in planning, designing, and constructing large-scale portal frame warehouses, we possess knowledge and technical skills. We understand that each project is unique which is why we offer tailor-made solutions to ensure that your warehouse, storage facility, or factory perfectly aligns, with your requirements. While our portfolio mainly features constructions ranging from 1000m² to 5000m² our contractors have also successfully completed an 11,000m² steel framed warehouse showcasing our versatility. Whether you're starting a new project or renovating an existing structure, our skilled team is fully prepared to bring your vision to life with professionalism.

The Importance of Warehouses in Today's Market

In our changing and fast-paced world, the desire for instant gratification has become the norm. Customers expect their products to arrive at their doorstep in record time with a click. In the midst of this whirlwind of consumerism, warehouses play an important role as the middlemen bridging the gap between supply and demand. What exactly makes them so vital in today's business environment?

1. Meeting Customer Expectations

The digital era has completely transformed the way consumers behave. Today customers are not satisfied with having a range of choices; they also expect immediate fulfillment. It's not just about having a product; it's about having it when they want it. In this context warehouses, with their storage capabilities become essential in ensuring that products are not available but also ready for dispatch at a moment's notice.

2. Efficient Management of Inventory

Space is often limited in retail stores as storing all products on the site is not practical or cost-effective. Warehouses on the other hand offer setups that allow businesses to maintain optimal inventory levels without overwhelming their primary retail spaces. This balance becomes especially critical during peak seasons when there is a turnover of inventory.

3. Economies of Scale

Warehouses play a crucial role in the digital age of e-commerce. They go beyond being storage spaces solely and serve as the lifeblood of many online businesses across the UK. By allowing online companies to benefit from economies of scale, warehouses enable purchases and lower their operational costs. Moreover, they ensure that businesses always have stock on hand to meet spikes in demand.

4. Levelling the Playing Field

In today's e-commerce landscape dominated by giants like Amazon, smaller businesses can level the playing field by adopting strategies, from industry leaders. One such strategy is investing in strategic warehouse construction. This allows smaller businesses to maintain inventories and prevent running out of stock providing an efficient service that rivals that of industry giants.

Ultimately warehouses are not just structures; they are assets that facilitate the efficient flow of goods. Without them meeting consumer demands promptly and efficiently would be challenging, potentially bringing turnaround times to a halt.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Warehouse in London? 

The construction of a warehouse takes time and is influenced by many factors. The size and complexity of the warehouse play an important role in determining the duration it takes to start and complete a warehouse build. Smaller storage facilities generally get completed faster compared to logistics hubs with features and specialized sections. Before actually starting to build a warehouse, there are construction activities that need to be carefully carried out such as site selection, acquiring permits, conducting environmental assessments, and testing the soil. The duration of this phase can vary from weeks to months depending on the specific challenges and requirements of the chosen location.

The design phase is another aspect of constructing a warehouse that can determine the time it takes to build a loft. If it requires custom specifications or innovative features more time will be needed for design discussions and planning. On the other hand, choosing designs or pre-engineered structures can significantly shorten this phase. A crucial factor that can't be overlooked is the availability of construction materials. Any disruptions like material shortages or the need to import specialized items can cause delays and add time to the duration of the build.

The availability of labor also plays a vital role in determining the construction timeline. A fully staffed project, with skilled workers, can adhere to timelines but if there are labor shortages or unexpected disruptions like strikes it might delay the completion date. Unpredictable weather conditions also play an important role. Construction schedules can be affected by rain, snow, or extreme weather that was not anticipated or taken into account. Additionally, as the primary construction nears completion connecting the warehouse to utilities, roads, and other infrastructures becomes a priority. Any complexities in this phase can further extend the timeline.

Using construction techniques and machinery can speed up the building process, which is advantageous for time-sensitive projects. Lastly, we must not overlook the inspections and certifications that may take days or even weeks depending on regional and local regulations.

In conclusion, constructing a warehouse considering all these factors usually takes between 6 to 12 months. However, this estimate should be taken as an approximation. For an accurate timeline, it is essential to delve into the specific details of the project and possibly seek advice from our experts at New Build Contractors.

Factors to Consider During Warehouse Construction

When considering the construction of a warehouse it's not simply a matter of constructing walls and a roof. There are several factors to take into account during the decision-making process;

Size and Design; When considering your requirements, how much space would be ideal for your warehouse? How should it be organized to maximize efficiency?

Location;  The proximity to transportation hubs, suppliers, and customers can have an impact on costs and efficiency.

Infrastructure;  It is crucial to consider factors such as shelving options, heating or cooling systems, and integrating technology.

Security; What physical and digital security measures need to be in place?

Future Expansion; It's always important to plan for the future. Does the chosen location allow for future expansion?

In essence, while warehouses primarily serve as storage facilities, their role in today's business landscape is far-reaching. They support production processes ensure distribution and even contribute to stabilizing market prices. Warehouses are truly assets in the web of modern commerce.

How do New Build Contractors address safety regulations and standards in warehouse construction?

At New Build Contractors, we perceive safety as the utmost priority during the construction of a warehouse. We adhere to a myriad of safety regulations and building standards giving special attention to both the construction process and the long-term usability of the warehouse.

Initial Consultation and Planning; Before laying down a brick, New Build Contractors engage in an extensive planning phase. This starts with familiarizing ourselves with local and national safety regulations that pertain to warehouse construction. Our teams often collaborate with building authorities and safety regulatory bodies to ensure that every aspect of their designs complies with these regulations.

Training and Expertise; New Build Contractors invest significantly in training their workforce. Our teams receive regular training updates on construction safety practices as well as specialized training tailored to tackle the unique challenges posed by warehouse construction.

Utilization of Advanced Technology; Our Contemporary warehouse construction often incorporates technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) to proactively identify safety issues during the design phase. By utilizing simulations and 3D modeling our contractors can anticipate risks and thereby develop solutions before they manifest on site.

High-Quality Materials and Equipment; New Build Contractors make sure to procure materials that not only meet the required building standards but are also long-lasting and of optimum quality. The same attention is given to the construction equipment used which is regularly inspected and well maintained.

Regular Safety Audits; Throughout the warehouse construction process, we conduct frequent safety audits to identify any deviations, from safety protocols and promptly address them.

Designing with Long-term Safety in Mind; Warehouses are bustling hubs of activity with the movement of machinery, vehicles, and workers. When designing warehouses, New Build Contractors consider this scenario carefully. This involves planning demarcated zones, adequate signage, fire safety systems, placed exits, and other essential features for ensuring safety when the warehouse is in operation.

Post Review; After completing the construction work, a final safety review is conducted in collaboration with trusted third-party safety experts. This guarantees that our warehouses not only meet but often surpass the safety standards.

In essence for New Build Contractors adhering to safety regulations and standards is not merely a checklist to tick off. It's an encompassing approach integrated into every phase of the construction process. This ensures that the warehouses we build are environments both during construction and, throughout their operational lifespan.

Storage and Online Retail

We work with some of the biggest self-storage businesses across the UK to build customer-friendly facilities which maximise lettable area. We make sure your warehouse facilities are designed and built to the highest specification, safely and sustainably. At New Build Contractors, security is always a paramount concern in every warehouse project we undertake.


We specialise in constructing cold, frozen, and ambient frozen food storage areas in the UK. We believe the key to the success of sustainable food storage facilities is the efficiency and airtightness of the warehouse building. We collaborate with a specialist supply chain that ensures that every aspect of warehouse construction, from a choice of materials and insulation to refrigeration systems are optimised with operations requirements.


We have experience in understanding the requirements involved in designing and constructing industrial, logistics, manufacturing, and production warehouse facilities. We have the capability to seamlessly incorporate technologies into your warehouse facilities. With our team's expertise, you can expect a facility that is prepared for the future. and tailored to meet the evolving needs of your industry.

Warehouse Construction FAQs

How long does it take to construct a warehouse?


The duration to construct a warehouse can vary depending on multiple factors such as the size and complexity of the project and the availability of labour and materials. In our opinion, most warehouse projects can take between 6 months and two years to complete.

What is the average cost of a Warehouse?


This greatly depends on many factors such as size and the complexity of the project. The site's location and the type of building materials used also affect the overall cost. Contact us for a free quote on your warehouse project.

What factors should I consider while selecting a site for my warehouse?


When selecting a site for your warehouse, you can consider factors such as transportation infrastructure, zoning regulations, proximity to local suppliers, and availability of labour locally.

What are the common challenges associated with Warehouse Construction?


The common challenges associated with warehouse construction are site selection and preparation, obtaining permits and regulatory compliance, managing construction costs, and finally, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the finished warehouse facility.

Do you offer a Free Warehouse Building Consultation?


Yes, we do! If you need a different perspective on your care home designs or any ideas through which you can save construction costs, you can rely on us to provide excellent advice and consultation as if we were part of your team.

Can you handle warehouse refurbishments?


Absolutely! We are capable of handling warehouse refurbishments as well as large-scale renovation projects. Whether you need improvements or significant changes to your warehouse space we are eager to discuss your needs and provide solutions.

Can you work jointly with subcontractors?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on warehouse projects. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Will there be a guarantee for the building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our warehouse building projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Can you complete our Warehouse Project on time and within our budget?


We work closely with our warehouse development clients to develop clear lines of communication, dealing and solving with any problems that might arise with a proactive attitude, which means we consistently deliver each of our warehouse projects on time and within our client's budget.

Do you offer a Design to Build Service?


We have a team of skilled and diverse contractors providing outstanding design and build services across the UK. We deliver custom, designs to build Warehouse construction solutions in the UK. We aim to build eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable warehouse spaces that are specially tailored to your needs. 

Can you arrange for Warehouse surveys?


Certainly! Our team can arrange for a professional building survey to be undertaken at your warehouse. The surveyor will inspect your property for any structural issues and advise on any major alterations needed.

Can i finance my Warehouse Construction project?


Undertaking a warehouse refurbishment or an entirely new warehouse build can be a big upfront investment, so you must look into the financials before starting the project. We suggest the best option to be either a bank loan or a lease finance. Contact us for more information about the financing options available.

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