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We build high-quality commercial offices for developers and building owners across the UK


At New Build Contractors our team is committed to assisting you in creating an office space that truly represents your company's values and image. We understand that designing and constructing an office goes beyond its visual appeal – it becomes a valuable asset for your business. Your office building sets the foundation for how people perceive your brand impacts employee productivity and influences investor perception. Our services are customized to help you build a business environment that aligns perfectly with the image you desire.

What is Office Construction? 

Office construction is a process that brings together multiple elements, such, as architecture, design, technology, and sustainability. Its purpose is to create a workspace that not only accommodates employees but also promotes a productive and comfortable work environment. This particular sector of the construction industry combines cutting-edge design with efficiency. Every aspect of the office space from corners to hallways and work areas is meticulously planned to align with the brand's vision and prioritize the well-being of its employees. 

Your Trusted Office Contractor

An office holds more significance than being just a workspace; it creates an environment that has a profound impact on people's lives every day. It must ensure safety, promote health, and provide comfort for individuals during work hours and beyond – serving as a sanctuary where they can work productively live harmoniously, and enjoy their leisure time.

At New Build Contractors we strongly believe in this philosophy which is why we have earned a deserved reputation as a trusted office construction contractor, across various industries.

When it comes to construction projects whether they involve towering buildings, suburban core and shell projects, customized constructions, or interior renovations our main objective is to create functional and inspiring spaces that align with the values of your company.

Your Office, Your Brand Identity in London

Imagine stepping into an office that doesn't simply convey the message "We're a business ". Rather exudes a sense of "This is who we are." Your office represents more than a collection of desks and chairs; it serves as the manifestation of your brand's personality, mission, and vision. This is why thinking business owners go beyond merely constructing offices; they curate experiences. They strive to create spaces that instill confidence, ignite creativity, and leave every client eager to sign on the line.

Planning is Everything

At New Build Contractors, we prioritize planning so that any major disruptions during the construction of your office project are avoided. Our main focus is to bring your vision to life and ensure that we meet your goals. Throughout the process of transforming workspaces, you can rely on our flexibility, adaptable ways, and unwavering commitment to deliver your office construction project on time and within your budget.

Office Contractors in London, You Can Trust

Office buildings may seem simple, but creating an adaptable workspace for developers or tenants is quite an intricate process. In today's world, where companies embrace modern working methods and prioritize flexibility and work-life balance, offices must meet various needs while boosting efficiency and encouraging workplace interaction.

At New Build Contractors we have experience working on new build office construction projects and renovation projects for a wide range of clients. New Build Contractors understand the real challenge is to navigate through the limitations of existing building constraints while finding ways to improve and maximize the building's potential

A successful renovation of an office will improve the quality of the workspace and increase rental value and overall usable space. Our consultative approach is rooted in understanding our client's vision and devising solutions by leveraging our construction and engineering expertise. Our collaborative nature, combined with planning ensures a construction process that prioritizes safety, structural integrity, and efficiency. It is this commitment and knowledge that our clients value greatly when investing in their projects.

We are Your Partner and Collaborator in the Office Building

New Build Contractors has established itself as a specialist main contractor and sub-contractor in the field of office construction within the UK. We believe in innovation which has allowed us to expand our presence across different regions and sectors.

Our expertise lies in managing both new-built office construction projects and office refurbishments throughout the UK. Our goal has been clear; we strive to become the contractor for office, residential, hotel, and leisure projects.  We approach every office construction project with honesty and integrity as our core values and are motivated by the opportunity to build workspaces and places that have a long-lasting impact.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services in London

Designing and Constructing New Buildings; We offer end-to-end solutions for office building projects, including project management, on-site surveys, creating architectural plans, and thorough budgeting and cost analysis.

Site Extensions; We specialize in enhancing office buildings by adding extensions, creating sheltered spaces outdoors, and constructing parking facilities.

Refurbishing and Maintaining Buildings; Our expertise covers electrical fit-outs as well as addressing any existing damages to ensure your office building remains in excellent condition.

Preparing Sites for Construction; We handle tasks such as earthworks, building retaining walls, removing waste, and conducting structural demolitions with utmost precision.

Understanding the End-User: A Cornerstone of New Build Contractor's Philosophy

At New Build Contractors we have an understanding of the needs and goals of our clients. Our primary objective in office construction is to assist our customers in thriving within a business environment.

We design workspaces and places that incorporate cutting-edge technology, robust security systems, and top-notch amenities. Each element is meticulously planned with the intention of surpassing our client's competitors.

New Build Contractors Contribution; Empowering Developers

Developers face a challenge as they must attract tenants while ensuring their projects are both competitive and profitable in the market. As an office construction contractor, our role goes beyond just building—we are here to guide our clients and assist them in making decisions and successfully navigating this challenge.

At New Build Contractors, we establish collaboration with our clients and engage in discussions, about their objectives, comprehend their challenges, and work together to integrate solutions that align with the success factors of the project.

Creating the Workplace of the Future with New Build Contractors

The recent global events have had an impact on the future of workplaces in the UK and beyond. Before the pandemic, office construction contractors like us were already prioritizing the well-being and safety of employees while creating spaces. Our approach to design and construction focuses on resilience and adaptability. This means businesses can be prepared for disruptions that may affect their operations, such as pandemics, natural disasters, technological issues, and more.

Your Solution for Adaptable Spaces

Our special services group is uniquely positioned to assist clients in making renovations to their office spaces. These modifications aim to make areas more adaptable and resilient allowing them to evolve according to the needs of businesses and changing environments.

Whether it's reconfiguring layouts, enhancing ventilation systems, or incorporating technology for increased safety measures, our team of experts is here to provide solutions that will help your office confidently navigate the future.

Diverse London Office Spaces for Diverse Needs

We recognize that each business is unique and that includes their office requirements. Keeping this in mind, we provide construction services as an office contractor catering to different types of office spaces across all major cities and counties. Our expertise covers offices, suburban offices, and built spaces ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

Urban Office

The vibrant atmosphere of a city can be invigorating for employees making urban offices an attractive choice. Our approach ensures that the construction process remains uninterrupted in this environment. We are skilled at handling challenges such as limited site space and busy office surroundings guaranteeing that your urban office space is constructed flawlessly.

Suburban Office

If you're curious whether a suburban office space can match the vibrancy and modernity of an office, at New Build Contractors we have consistently proven it possible while maintaining affordability and high-performance standards. Suburban offices offer a work environment without compromising on the facilities and amenities for your employees.

Built to Suit

Are you thinking about a space that combines office, public areas, and retail spaces at ground level? We have experience in building mixed-use office projects ensuring the integration of each component and achieving your project objectives. The modern workplace is changing constantly and we at New Build Contractors have the expertise to help you adapt to it. We will work closely with you to assess how your workspace contributes to your business, employee satisfaction, well-being, and resilience in the face of circumstances.


Are you ready to make a statement with your office? 

Your office is more than a place for business transactions; it's where your brand truly comes alive. It's where you transform visitors into valued clients, ideas into groundbreaking innovations, and dreams into reality. If you're eager to build an office that goes beyond functionality and instead becomes an embodiment of your story then it's time to think outside the box. Dive, into design possibilities, embrace cutting-edge technology collaborate with experts who truly grasp your vision, and construct an office space that will leave a mark.

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Office Construction FAQs

Can my Office be renovated without disruption to my business?


Yes, it can! New Build Contractors offer a workplace consultancy and project management service, where we devise a plan with you to minimise any disruption to your workplace. We strive to make the renovation process stress-free and as smooth as possible, leaving you free to focus on running your business. 

Does the staff need to leave the office during a refurbishment?


This entirely depends on your specific working situation as every business is different. If the project is around an existing office, then we would try to work around your team and minimise disruption as much as possible. There will be a few days when we will need your staff to leave the office during the renovation, but this will be assessed and informed to you by your project manager. If the project is for a new office, then we suggest not moving the team in as we can complete the office renovation or fit-out a bit quicker.

How much does an Office Fit Out Cost?


It's a vital question, but one that does not have a straightforward answer. The cost depends on many factors such as size, location of your office space to final specification. Most office fit-outs cost between £50 to £150 per square foot of office space. This is reliant on the specifications and the materials chosen for your office space.


Can you design and build an Office space for us?


Absolutely! We are an experienced office construction company which specializes in design and build solutions. Our flexibility ensures that you get the best architects for your new space while our construction methods ensure that your project is delivered on time and within your budget. 

Can you guide us with the design process for larger office projects?


Yes, we can. Our in-house architect will draw up your plans and our project manager with his years of experience, can offer free advice and suggestions to match your budget. 

Can I finance my Office Construction project?


Undertaking an office renovation or fit-out can be a big upfront investment, so you must investigate the financials before starting the project. We suggest the best option to be either a bank loan or a lease finance. Contact us for more information about the financing options available.

Do you offer a free, no obligation quotation?


Of course. We will visit your property at a time convenient for all the parties involved and quote for the required works. If you do not own the property yet and are looking for us to quote on work, this will be chargeable at a fixed cost. 

Can you arrange for Building Surveys?


Certainly! Our team can arrange for a professional building survey to be undertaken at your property. The surveyor will inspect your property for any structural issues and advice on any major alterations needed.

Do you offer any guarantee on the building work?


Absolutely! All our Office building and refurbishment projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you work with other subcontractors?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Do you have a Safety plan in place?


We prioritize safety above all else as it not only contributes to the success of our business but also reflects our ethical values. Our entire team, including employees and trade partners, strictly follows a safety plan. Throughout the project, we give importance to safety by conducting meetings and diligently documenting daily inspections. As an office contractor in the UK, ensuring safety always remains our priority.

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