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Our Retail Construction services in the UK are designed to deliver exceptional results that maximize your space and attract customers.

Retail Construction Company London

In the changing realm of retail, it is crucial for design and construction to adapt quickly. At New Build Contractors we take pride in keeping up with these shifting trends. Our team has a wealth of experience in completing a range of retail projects, these include creating cutting-edge spaces and places as well as renovating old properties into lively and modern retail stores.

At New Build Contractors, we have honed our expertise in the complexities of construction by collaborating with numerous well-known UK high-street brands across different locations. With our industry experience, we have earned a reputation, for providing our clients with quality and cost-effective retail building solutions. We believe in creating and designing a retail space that can attract more customers, enhance their shopping experiences, and ultimately drive sales too. At New Build Contractors we offer retail construction services that enable businesses to create functional, visually appealing, and profitable retail environments.

We take pride in our team of experts dedicated to leisure construction. We have successfully led groundbreaking projects for brands, like KFC, Costa Coffee, Car Phone Warehouse, Domino Pizza, Majestic Wines, and many others.


Our Retail Construction Company London

The front of your retail store should be captivating, attracting customers to enter and buy from you, while the inside should have its charm and character. At New Build Contractors, we can help achieve your ideas and vision by managing the projects from start to final touches. 

Our skilled team of contractors specializes in creating custom fittings and installations ensuring that even the smallest details of your space reflect your individuality. Beyond looks, we are dedicated, to designing a space that's both practical and beautiful following all building regulations from shelving arrangements to fire safety standards. With New Build Contractors, as your partner, you'll receive a service that eliminates the hassle of dealing with various contractors and makes your vision come true seamlessly. 

Our partnership begins by understanding your goals through personalized consultations, tailored to meet your business needs. Our designers take time to draw up plans carefully so that they capture the essence of what you envision. After the designs are completed and approved by you, we then bring our specialized installation team who will undertake the project. We are totally flexible with our work and can work at times that are suited to you. Finally, we put the finishing touches on the store's exterior to ensure that your branding shines brightly and invites customers—a transformation, from start to finish.

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Experts in Retail Construction

Our team of designers, architects, and builders work closely with our clients to understand their business goals, brand identity, and target customer base. We consistently deliver projects that exceed our client's expectations and leave a lasting impact too. At New Build Contractors, we prioritize innovation, efficiency, and quality in each and every retail project we undertake. 

Retailers who are seeking to construct spaces or renovate existing ones can confidently rely on the expertise of the New Build Contractors Company. Our retail construction professionals collaborate closely with clients to understand their requirements and design retail spaces tailored specifically to their needs.

Technical Integration in Retail

Incorporating technology is crucial for any retail establishment. Tablets, portable scanners, and other wireless devices greatly enhance tasks such as customer purchases, inventory checks, and other routine retail operations. It's important to plan to ensure that charging stations, workstations, and other areas provide access and full utilization of the adopted technology for employees.

Green Materials

At New Build Contractors, we prioritize sustainability in our retail construction projects. We make it our priority to recommend and utilize eco-friendly or sustainable materials whenever possible for our clients. This can include using paints, with low VOC content or incorporating recycled or reclaimed materials into the construction process. Our team will collaborate with you to find alternatives that align with your preferences without compromising on quality or durability

London's Retail Space 

We understand the increasing significance and demand of more spaces in retail establishments. With our expertise, we can seamlessly integrate more areas into our designs. Whether it's creating an inviting patio space or optimizing window displays to attract passing customers we'll help you maximize the potential of your setting. Our team will work closely with you to develop a layout that's both efficient and effective for your store's flow and purpose. We'll incorporate clever storage solutions to ensure that every inch of your space works diligently for you.

The retail industry is continuously evolving, requiring store designs that can keep up with changing needs and trends. We're experienced in incorporating features into our designs, such as furniture or movable walls. This allows you to easily update your space as your business grows and evolves.

Innovative Spaces for the Modern Shopping Experience

At New Build Contractors, we specialize in creating innovative spaces that enhance the experience of your retail customers. We understand the importance of engaging customers and driving sales, which is why we combine cutting-edge technology with design trends. Our ultimate goal is to build spaces that not only increase sales but also leave a lasting impression on your clientele at every step.

Some of our Retail Services;

We offer a flagship store construction service that elevates your brand identity. We recognize flagship stores as brand ambassadors so our focus lies in delivering high-quality craftsmanship that embodies your brand's ethos and captivates your audience by showcasing the best version of your locations.

Storefront Remodeling

Your storefront provides the opportunity to catch customers' attention. With our expertise we deliver eye-catching storefront remodels designed to not only grab attention but also tell a compelling brand story that entices people to walk in.

Refresh and Remodel Retail Stores

As trends change it's important for your retail space to keep up. We offer store remodel services to clients who want to update their existing spaces. Whether it's reconfiguring layouts or installing fixtures and lighting our goal is to give your space an aesthetic that reflects your brand and vision.

New Construction

If you're looking to expand into different areas in the UK, trust us as your retail builder. We have the expertise required to help you establish your business in areas confidently. We specialize in building spaces, from scratch and improving existing structures making sure that every detail of your store is tailored to your specific requirements and designed to meet the needs of your business.

Join us as we embark on a journey toward the future of retail and create a better shopping experience. Get in touch with us today to discover more, about our retail construction services.

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Why Work with New Build Contractors? 

New Build Contractors provide clients with a comprehensive start to completion solution, by managing projects and transforming your vision into a retail masterpiece. We approach our project management process with utmost care, ensuring that each phase of construction is executed with precision. Our open communication with our clients means that you'll always be kept informed at every step of the way. Our dedication and commitment has allowed us to achieve our goals in retail construction by offering a trustable, professional construction service that meets the requirements of our customers. 

We work with architects all over the UK building strong working relationships which has given us the platform to assist you in all of the key aspects of your retail project's design. Our highly skilled team of contractors and tradesmen ensure your retail store is completed to the highest quality of finish. Our team is also happy to provide budget suggestions to customers with projects that are at the initial stage and will help in submission of architectural drawings and other official reports needed.  

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Retail Interior Design

New Build Contractors can work with you to bring your ideas to life, by providing bespoke interior designing solutions which include decorating, painting, and the creation of custom furniture and fittings for your shop.

Retail Consultancy Services

We offer a stress-free, retail construction package right from the start till completion, managing your project dedicatedly and ensuring building regulation compliance is adhered to.

Planning Your Next Project

Looking to work with a construction partner with experience in design & build and a proven track record in delivering large-scale, complex projects on time and to budget? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Retail Construction FAQs

Can you work on a Retail Refurbishment?


We have undertaken many retail refurbishment projects across the UK. We work with a wide range of clients, ranging from big high-street names to small independent retailers. We believe your store's decor and aesthetic as well the functionality of your store's surface area will play a vital role in their overall customer experience.

What is the Retail Construction Process?


Our Retail project starts by understanding your vision and goals. We provide a face-to-face consultation to get to know your business better. After that, we dedicate time to designing your retail space while ensuring it reflects your identity. Once the designs are finalized, we ensure your satisfaction before moving ahead. Our team of professional fitters will then arrive on-site to undertake the work, at a convenient time suited to your business. The final finishing touches come in the form of shop frontage and signage.

Do you offer Design and Build Service in Retail?


New Build Contractors help in designing and building retail projects that improve your brand's image, maximise its potential, and deliver visual expectations that your customers associate with your brand. With our solid dedication and proactive approach, we have delivered many retail projects that our clients envision.

Can we see any of your previous projects of similar size and requirements?


Certainly. Our team can arrange a site visit to our recently completed commercial projects. We build excellent relationships with our clients during the time frame of the project. Most of our customers are happy to show you our work and provide references too.

Can you guide us through the design process of larger retail works?


Yes, we have our in-house architect who can draw up your plans, and our retail project manager, with his years of experience, can offer suggestions and guidance to match your budget.

How long will it take to finish the Retail Project?


The time required to complete a retail project varies widely due to several factors such as the size of the project, complexity, location, planning permission, design, resource availability, and much more. Larger projects can take a few years while smaller ones can be completed in a few months.

Do you provide estimates or fixed costs?


Yes, our team will give you a guide price upon seeing your plans/site and a fixed cost once we have assessed everything in detail.

How long are your quotations valid for?


Our quotations are valid for six months, if you need a longer price guarantee, please speak to our team.

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