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We are one of the UK's premier Healthcare construction contractors, completing construction projects for public and private healthcare providers.

Healthcare Contractors UK

At New Build Contractors we recognize the importance of meeting the standards in quality, safety, and functionality within the healthcare industry. Our team is committed to providing bespoke solutions for healthcare construction that cater to the needs of our clients. Healthcare construction is a challenging field that requires collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to develop safe and efficient medical facilities that meet the demands of both patients and healthcare professionals throughout the UK.

What is Healthcare Construction

Healthcare construction is a specialized sector within the construction industry that focuses on building facilities where healing and scientific progress come together. It requires not only expertise but also a deep understanding of the evolving needs and intricacies of the healthcare field.

In healthcare construction each architectural plan goes beyond being a piece of paper; it represents a vision for patient care and medical excellence. Our contractors in this field are skilled at designing and constructing spaces that incorporate the technology ensuring functionality while adhering to strict safety standards.

Our primary objective is to create environments that promote healing combining efficiency and sustainability. Whether it's hospitals or specialized care facilities every construction project aims to integrate innovation with designs centered around people. As we navigate through the world of healthcare, healthcare construction plays a crucial role in shaping a future where infrastructure meets aspirations ultimately creating a more vibrant society for everyone.

Healthcare Construction with Precision 

At New Build Contractors, we truly appreciate the role you have in your patient's lives. That's why we are committed to creating healthcare facilities of the highest quality ensuring that your services are uninterrupted and adhering to all building regulations and standards. Whether it's an NHS-approved transformation or a meticulous private renovation our specialty lies in designing user-comfortable spaces that promote efficiency for both patients and dedicated staff. With New Build Contractors, experience a combination of excellence and compassion with our healthcare construction projects. 

What Do New Build Contractors Offer in Healthcare Construction?

Healthcare construction is an area where new build contractors truly shine. With our experience, in sectors such as commercial, retail, and industrial we have built strong relationships with numerous healthcare partners. This extensive expertise, combined with our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and precision enables us to deliver construction projects that cater to your needs.

Navigating the complexities of the healthcare sector can be challenging, in times like the Covid 19 pandemic. It requires an understanding of the risks involved and the compliance measures necessary. At New Build Contractors we excel in addressing concerns like infection control maintaining stringent hygiene standards and ensuring operations within active healthcare settings.

When it comes to healthcare construction projects we prioritize planning and flawless execution. Our commitment to excellence has become synonymous, with our brand as recognized by our valued clients.



Our team deeply understands the needs of our customers and the healthcare requirements of patients. With specialist expertise in hospital design and consulting, we have a total understanding of the intricacies of healthcare construction. Our established methods have been carefully crafted to align seamlessly with NHS procedures enabling us to handle projects within live NHS hospital environments. We do not restrict ourselves to any given construction method, we give our clients full flexibility in our design and build healthcare consultancy services. 

When it comes to healthcare construction we work closely with our clients to offer expertise and a cohesive approach. We prioritize a perspective and strategic thinking recognizing that each NHS Trust has its unique needs. That's why our consultative approach is flexible allowing us to collaborate closely with you in order to develop tailor-made solutions that incorporate the innovations while remaining practical and sustainable.


Experienced, Innovative, and Collaborative; Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Construction

We go beyond being just healthcare contractors. Our innovative and adaptable approach empowers us to effectively address the challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Whether it's constructing a 120-bed intensive care unit for a London developer as part of COVID-19 response efforts researching ways to establish zero hospitals or even investing in technology for quality and delivery – we are fully committed to progress.

Technical Healthcare Expertise

Our expertise in creating healthcare construction and fit-out solutions for laboratories, research centers, primary care facilities, and mental health facilities has consistently brought value to our clients. We take pride in completing projects on schedule and within budget

At the core of our service is an emphasis, on collaboration. We believe in delivering effective outcomes and ensuring the experience for end users and patients right from the start. Whether we're handling structures or working under schedules and limited resources our skilled teams understand that effective communication and teamwork are key to achieving greater efficiency and real value for your investment.

When you choose us as your partner for healthcare construction you'll witness the impact of our expertise innovative solutions, and collaborative mindset firsthand.


Healthcare Strategic Planning and Consultancy

In this phase which we call "Insight," we deeply understand every aspect of your project. Our main objective, at this stage, is to establish the strategic direction of the project and devise a plan according to that.

As experts in healthcare ventures, our skilled consultants actively participate from the beginning identifying and defining challenges. We carefully analyze both nursing needs as well as the broader infrastructure and service delivery framework.

Our advisory services cover areas such as healthcare planning, health economics, and clinical modeling. We organize stakeholder workshops and engage in discussions to gain a holistic understanding taking into account perspectives from NHSE to the Trust as well as experienced clinicians to executive leaders.

During this phase, we also conduct assessments of demand and capacity along, with processes related to healthcare strategy when deemed necessary.

We Prioritise Patient experience

At New Build Contractors, we believe that Healthcare construction should prioritize the creation of a satisfying experience for patients. This involves designing inviting spaces, providing facilities that cater to the needs of patients and visitors, and incorporating elements of nature and art into healing.

New Build Contractors Company offers a range of services to ensure that our healthcare construction projects are safe, functional, and tailored to meet the requirements of both patients and staff. We leverage our expertise in healthcare building to develop projects that are efficient effective and aligned with the needs of healthcare providers. At New Build Contractors we prioritize comfort and satisfaction in all our healthcare construction endeavors.

Enhancing Patient Experience in Healthcare Construction

We believe the utilisation of space is crucial regardless of the type of facility, be it offices, rehabilitation centers, or general clinics. We focus on constructing an environment that not only meets healthcare standards in terms of cleanliness and sterility but also radiates warmth and hospitality. Whether your patients are new or returning we strive to ensure their visits are comfortable and stress-free. Our approach to patient-centered design starts from:

Creating Welcoming Spaces; We strive to design and construct spaces that feel inviting and comfortable. Every aspect, from lighting choices to material selection, is carefully considered to contribute to the patient experience.

Providing Amenities; We incorporate amenities that cater to the needs of both patients and their visitors. These include seating areas, spacious rooms, and thoughtfully planned navigation systems for a seamless healthcare journey.

Integrating Nature and Art; Recognizing the influence of nature and art we seamlessly integrate these elements into our designs. We strive to establish a tranquil garden vista or exhibit calming artwork to foster an atmosphere that supports healing and overall wellness.

Moreover, our healthcare construction services prioritize experience while also guaranteeing safety, practicality, and effectiveness tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. With a combination of expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry New Build Contractors stands by your side in constructing a healthcare facility that genuinely fulfills its intended function.

Transforming Healthcare Construction for Our Customers

Understanding the healthcare requirements and challenges in construction is crucial. It is important to prioritize infection control, safety, and uninterrupted operations throughout the construction process.

We are committed to complying with all healthcare building regulations and laws which can be complex and strict. This demonstrates our professionalism and expertise in this field giving clients confidence in our services.

Our dedication lies in creating patient-focused environments that prioritize their needs for healing and overall well-being. This involves elements like ensuring privacy, maximizing the use of light, and minimizing noise levels.

We also place an emphasis on sustainability in our construction practices. Not only does this benefit the environment but also leads to significant cost savings for healthcare facilities in their day-to-day operations.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

As part of the UK government's commitment to promoting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in healthcare projects, New Build Contractors has taken a solid approach by integrating MMC into our operations. This integration is evident in all construction aspects, including the design of structures and designated areas for staff and patient care.

Our Emphasis on Modern Construction Techniques;

Through strategic partnerships with suppliers, we have access to a range of MMC solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of healthcare construction. Our offerings include;

1. Modular Structures; These pre-designed units are transported to the construction site for speedy assembly.

2. System Built Wall Panels; Prefabricated wall sections that ensure precise construction.

3. Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF); A versatile and durable construction method suitable for a range of healthcare facilities.

4. Passivehaus Timber Frame Modular Construction; An approach that significantly reduces the building's carbon footprint while saving energy.

By leveraging MMC in our healthcare construction projects we enjoy advantages in terms of project timelines. These innovative techniques allow us to optimize schedules, manage expenses effectively, and importantly minimize disruptions on site.

We invite you to engage with us and explore how MMC can bring about changes to your vision for healthcare construction.

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NHS Hospital Ward Extensions & Refurbishment 

Throughout the United Kingdom, we have developed partnerships, with NHS hospitals by providing high-quality construction and maintenance services. As experts in healthcare contracting, our skills span across all areas. We are proficient in transforming office spaces into work environments installing medical equipment such as MRI and CT scanners building new hospital wards or renovating existing ones and overseeing all mechanical and electrical installations. Our focus is on extending areas like ICUs and operating theaters establishing facilities and ensuring the safe installation of compliant medical gas systems. In addition to the interiors, we excel at enhancing the exteriors of hospitals to create a welcoming atmosphere, for patients, staff, and visitors. We understand the challenges involved in construction within healthcare settings while prioritizing the well-being of NHS personnel patients and public safety throughout every project phase.

Enhancing the Patient Experience Through Considerate Design

New Build Contractors are leading the way in revolutionizing healthcare construction by prioritizing patient designs that promote comfort and well-being. Of the sterile hospital atmosphere we focus on creating environments that exude warmth and tranquility. Our designs incorporate planned floor layouts to optimize patient flow and accessibility ensuring waiting times and convenient facility positioning. We strive to create healing spaces that embrace light serene gardens and elements that connect patients with nature. Respecting privacy and dignity is paramount to us which is why our constructions feature rooms designed to accommodate both patients and their families fostering an atmosphere for recovery. Keeping pace with evolving technology trends we seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art advancements that empower patients to have control over their environment. Furthermore, our interior designs seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics by incorporating art pieces and color palettes known to enhance mood. Through consultations with healthcare professionals, during the design phase, we ensure that our spaces cater not only to patient comfort but also enable providers' efficiency. Join us on this journey as we champion groundbreaking healthcare construction designs.

Patient Experience

Healthcare Construction FAQs

Do you offer renovation and remodeling of existing healthcare spaces?


Yes, at New Build Contractors, we work with you closely to understand your healthcare construction requirements. We know that every requirement and circumstance is unique in every NHS Trust across the UK. We strive to build spaces that enhance patient experience, operational efficiency and clinical outcome. 

How to minimise healthcare construction disruption?


We understand that disruptions need to be kept at a minimal during the healthcare construction phase. Its vital for the hospital or healthcare facility staff to engage and work closely with our project manager. We believe the best measure to avoid disruption and revenue loss during construction is good communication between all the parties involved. 

Do you offer healthcare upgrades and updates?


Yes we do. We deliver a range of projects to keep NHS buildings statutorily and lease complaint and in a good state of repair. Wherever possible, we use our innovative and unique way to make the upgrades safe and sustainable.

Can you complete our Healthcare Project on time and within our budget?


We work closely with our healthcare clients to develop clear lines of communication, dealing and solving with any problems that might arise with a proactive attitude, which means we consistently deliver each of our healthcare projects on time and within our client's budget.

What are the Healthcare construction challenges?


We comprehend that working with healthcare construction projects can bring with them their own unique set of challenges, more so when working within a live hospital environment. Some of the challenges includes, infection control, access issues, working around with the latest hospital equipment and minimising disruption to staff and patients.

Do you provide free quotations on projects?


Of course. We will visit your property at a time convenient for all the parties involved and quote for the required works. If you do not own the property yet and are looking for us to quote on work, this will be chargeable at a fixed cost. 

Do you offer a Design to Build Service?


We have a team of skilled and diverse contractors providing outstanding design and build services across the UK. We deliver custom, designs to build Healthcare construction solutions in the UK. We aim to build eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable living spaces that are specially tailored to your needs. 

Can you arrange for Building Surveys?


Certainly! Our team can arrange for a professional building survey to be undertaken at your property. The surveyor will inspect your property for any structural issues and advice on any major alterations needed.

Will there be a guarantee for the building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our Healthcare building projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Can you collaborate with subcontractors?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

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