Countryside Hotel Construction




Type of Contractors:



18-24 months


A new three-storey extension added to the hotel.

Our Journey in Developing a Hotel; A Comprehensive Overview by New Build Contractors

Vision and Strategy;

Developing a hotel goes beyond construction; it involves strategic planning and unwavering commitment to bring a vision to life. At New Build Contractors we bring our expertise and dedication together from the idea to the opening ensuring that this vision becomes a reality.

Site Selection;

Choosing the location is crucial for any hotel project. Before delving into financing and construction details we meticulously evaluate sites. While established areas indicate existing market demand emerging locations offer growth opportunities. In one of our projects, we made a decision to construct a three-story building with a restaurant and 24 bedrooms right next to an already established hotel.

Construction Process;

Our approach to construction starts with site preparation. In this instance, the site was pre-cleared allowing us to begin excavation smoothly and without any delays.

Foundation Development;

As we progressed from excavation our focus shifted towards establishing a solid base of supporting the entire structure. Thanks, to our planning and project management team we were able to stay on track throughout this phase.

Building Framework;

Once we had established a foundation we proceeded to construct the framework. For this hotel, we opted for steel framing, known for its durability and long lifespan guaranteeing that the building will stand tall and proud for years to come.

Critical Installations;

A functioning hotel relies on plumbing systems. Our experienced team of electricians and plumbers seamlessly integrated these systems ensuring compliance, with the industry standards.

Final Touches;

As the structural work reached its culmination our attention shifted towards the interiors. This last stage involved painting, flooring, and installing fixtures. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensured that every room and every corner exuded luxury providing guests with an experience, during their stay.

At New Build Contractors we firmly believe in transforming visions into realities.