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At the end of a rental agreement, tenants may be responsible for making necessary repairs, known as dilapidations. When it comes to commercial leases, the expectation is that the office space should be left in excellent condition, ready for the next tenant. This entails removing any furniture, fixtures, or fittings that were added by the tenant, fixing any damages (including to the floors), obtaining an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), and typically redecorating throughout. In the majority of cases, we can fulfill these dilapidation requirements for approximately 50% less than what landlords quote. It is important to note that commercial leases in the West Midlands require the space to be returned in the same condition as when it was leased. By completing the necessary work before returning the keys, significant savings can be achieved. Failure to do so may result in the landlord withholding the deposit and continuing to charge rent until the work is done.


Commercial Office Dilapidations Services in West Midlands

Are you looking for a reliable and knowledgeable commercial office dilapidations company in West Midlands? If you are a tenant or a landlord and need guidance in dilapidations, New Build Contractors is here to help you out. If you are facing lease exit issues such as dilapidations disputes, our dedicated specialist team can assist you with advice, specialist dilapidation surveys, schedule of conditions and much more. We understand how crucial it is to protect your investment as a landlord in West Midlands. We are equally skilled at assisting tenants with their building and servicing obligations. We provide an in-depth range of dilapidation services such as, dilapidations surveys, lease negotiation and agreement reviews, repair and reinstatement work, dispute resolution and litigation support, building strip out and demolition.

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Commercial Dilapidations Repairs and Maintenance

At New Build Contractors, we understand the importance of property maintenance and repairs to avoid major refurbishments at the end of the lease. Whether you're a tenant approaching the end of your lease or a landlord preparing to market your building, dilapidation works is crucial. By restoring properties quickly, we not only save on costs and time but also prevent potential gaps in tenancy or contractual issues. As experienced building contractors in West Midlands, we have worked with various property types ranging from historic listed buildings to modern offices and restaurants across West Midlands. Our diverse experience across different industries enables us to precisely restore properties to their original state. At New Build Contractors in West Midlands, we offer a comprehensive package for dilapidation services that allows you to focus on your business while we handle your project. We excel at collaborating and liaising with stakeholders including, landlords and tenants, dilapidations surveyors, property management companies, asset managers and solicitors.

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Why Choose Us for Your Dilapidations Works?

At New Build Contractors, we specialise in providing quick turnaround, cost-effective dilapidations, and repair solutions in West Midlands that cater to businesses of all sizes and budgets, without compromising on quality. Our tailored approach ensures that your dilapidations project is efficiently managed from the start till the finishing touches. We comprehend the importance of resolving and avoiding any disputes and ensure that your rights as a landlord or tenant are protected. Our team will work closely with you to achieve a mutually beneficial and just outcome. With our extensive knowledge of the dilapidations industry and dedication towards customer satisfaction, you can trust us to get the job done properly. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and learn about how our dilapidations team can help you transform your property. At New Build Contractors, we assure you of great quality workmanship and a stress-free experience.

How can we save you on the costs?

We believe there is an underlying problem in the dilapidations industry as often it’s the landlords who hire contractors for dilapidation work but it’s the tenants who end up paying for it. Proper due diligence on pricing is not done to the same level as if tenants were paying the bill directly. Our approach aims to address this issue by ensuring transparent pricing for everyone involved. We carefully review costs and strive to offer high quality solutions that protect tenants from potential overcharging while providing landlords with cost effective options for their properties. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our dilapidation experts and learn more about how we can assist you. With New Build Contractors, you can rest assured that your dilapidations needs are in the best hands.

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Dilapidations Help for Tenants and Landlords in West Midlands

At New Build Contractors, whether you are a landlord that is looking to protect your investments or a tenant that is searching for a complete property refurbishment, we have got you covered. We have a highly experienced team of professionals, equipped with the latest equipment and technology to undertake the most complex projects.

For Landlords

Our team of experts in West Midlands help in preparing Schedules of Condition which serve as a reference point for the property’s condition. Throughout the tenancy period, we conduct assessments to identify any maintenance needs or breaches of lease ensuring that your property is consistently well maintained. As the lease approaches its end our focus shifts to creating Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations that outline any changes or damages compared to the state. This essential documentation forms the foundation for restoration or negotiations with tenants. Our skilled negotiators handle claim discussions with finesse aiming for equitable settlements. Additionally, we offer advice as leases near expiration to help landlords prepare for inspections and potential liabilities. Moreover, we efficiently resolve stalled negotiations and protect your interests by facilitating agreeable solutions. With New Build Contractors by your side, you can expect support, throughout the lease period ensuring all aspects of property management are seamlessly taken care of.

For Tenants

We provide dilapidation services that are specifically tailored to assist tenants throughout the duration of their lease. Our team of experts in West Midlands specializes in creating schedules of condition which are crucial for accurately determining the initial state of the property. Additionally, we offer defence services for both terminal schedules of dilapidations ensuring that any claims made are fair and in line with the terms outlined in the lease agreement. We understand the significance of planning therefore we conduct dilapidation assessments to assist with budgeting or property acquisition purposes. We also offer guidance on repairs notices helping tenants in West Midlands determine the correct course of action. Our efficient project management of building contracts guarantees that the repair works adheres to lease compliance standards while remaining cost effective and maintaining a high level of quality. Our goal is to educate tenants with knowledge and resources that minimize conflicts and financial obligations upon reaching the end of their lease term.


Types of Dilapidation Services we offer in West Midlands

At New Build Contractors, we specialize in a range of services for properties catering to both landlords and tenants. Our goal is to ensure that properties are properly maintained and refurbished in accordance with lease agreements and insurance policies.

Insurance Backed Repairs: For landlords in West Midlands, our services include managing repairs that are covered by insurance policies. If you have an insurance agreement that covers dilapidations, we will work with your insurance company to ensure all conditions are being met. We will make sure that your property is restored to its original form as per the leasing and insurance agreement. In case the property does suffer from damages, we will look after the repair work with your insurance company, thereby allowing you to avoid time delays, legal problems, and unnecessary costs.

Commercial Lease Repairs: For tenants in West Midlands, we offer commercial lease repairs to ensure that the property is restored to its original state. We offer our bespoke building services to make the process easier and faster. Your dedicated project manager will coordinate with contractors directly to manage all aspects of the restoration work. We place great emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and adherence to lease obligations. We strive to simplify the dilapidation process for all the parties making it efficient and fair for all parties involved.

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West Midlands Premier Dilapidations Contractor

It is common for contracts to include a provision requiring tenants to restore any installations or wear and tear to the original condition of the building. This includes items such as flooring, electrical sockets, and windows. If partitions were installed, they would need to be removed. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure that commercial properties in the West Midlands are returned to their owners according to the agreed dilapidations and reinstatement schedules. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you. Building owners and agents typically require tenants to perform dilapidation works to bring the building back to its original state. This requirement is usually outlined in the tenancy agreement. Failure to maintain the rented premises in the West Midlands would result in the landlord or new tenant having to restore both the interior and exterior to a usable condition. It is important to have a professional survey conducted before signing a lease and performing regular upkeep can save you from incurring significant costs when your tenancy ends. When your lease comes to an end, the person residing in the property in the West Midlands will be responsible for figuring out what needs to be restored. As mentioned earlier, any modifications made by the tenant will also require resetting.

Commercial Office Dilapidations FAQs West Midlands

Can you arrange for Building Surveys in West Midlands?


Certainly! Our team can arrange for a professional building survey to be undertaken at your property in West Midlands. The surveyor will inspect your property for any structural issues and advise on any major alterations needed.

What does "Building the Scope of Works" mean?


The scope of works refers to a written document that provides an overview of all the components involved in the construction process. It serves as a project management tool aimed at achieving the desired outcome by outlining a timeline schedule and specific project milestones. It ensures clarity and transparency for all the parties involved in the project and it is vital for the smooth running and success of any given project.

When should a schedule of Dilapidations be served?


This depends on the circumstances of the case individually and the wording of the lease. In most of the cases, the dilapidation claim is brought towards the end of the lease. A schedule of dilapidations can also be brought during the continuation of the lease.

How can I avoid a Dilapidations claim?


We believe it's impossible to avoid a claim in its entirety. This is because it's difficult to return the premises to the landlord in the exact condition, as stated by the covenants in the lease. We believe tenants can mitigate their liability in many cases by devising a compliance strategy before the end of the lease.

Do I need a specialist surveyor in West Midlands?


Yes, you will need a specialist surveyor to initiate the claim and respond to it. A surveyor will prepare the schedule of dilapidations for the landlord and another surveyor appointed by the tenant will be required to respond to it.

When is the right time to consider Dilapidations?


You can consider dilapidations at any point during the lease. We suggest appointing a professional representation that will allow you to understand your lease obligations how to mitigate the liabilities and finally how to save significant sums of money.

What does an Office Dilapidation include?


All projects differ depending on the space. An office dilapidation will include renovation or fit-out works to put the property in West Midlands back to its original state. The works typically include decoration, repairs, flooring, ceiling, fixtures and fittings, and partition walls.

How much does an Office Dilapidation in West Midlands cost?


The cost depends entirely on the scope of work required, for example, decoration and repairs are cheaper to undertake than complex ceilings. It's cheaper for the tenant to undertake the work rather than leave it to the landlord to do this.

Do you offer a free no-obligation quotation in West Midlands?


Of course. We will visit your property at a time convenient for all the parties involved and quote for the required works. If you do not own the property yet and are looking for us to quote on work, this will be chargeable at a fixed cost.

Can you collaborate with other subcontractors in West Midlands?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects in West Midlands. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Will there be a guarantee for the building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our office dilapidation projects come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

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