What are the Risks in Healthcare Construction Projects?


Healthcare construction comes with its set of risks and precautions that must be taken seriously. It is essential to understand these risks to ensure the safety of staff, patients and construction workers involved. In this discussion we will explore the five risks typically encountered during hospital construction projects. How New Build Contractors effectively manage them.

Risks, in Healthcare Construction

1. Asbestos Concerns

One significant risk in healthcare construction is the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was extensively used in buildings between the 1950s and 80s making it a potential hazard during hospital updates that aim to incorporate advancements. To address this concern proactively we strongly recommend conducting a Research & Development (R&D) survey before commencing any construction work. Allocating part of the budget towards ensuring controlled removal of asbestos is crucial for hospital administrators.

2. Access Challenges

Hospitals are places where emergencies can arise at any moment. Therefore it is vital to maintain corridors during construction projects. To achieve this objective we meticulously plan specific site routes in advance of the project start date to separate construction workers from the day to day operations of the hospital. Additionally careful consideration is given to transporting machinery to designated floors by requesting access to lifts for efficient movement, without obstructing stairwells.

3. Patient Well being

At New Build Contractors ensuring patient comfort remains our priority.

We prioritize minimizing disturbances during times and work closely with hospital staff to ensure coordination. In case of need we also consider relocating patients to quieter areas.

4. Safeguarding Hospital Equipment

The hospital equipment, worth millions is carefully handled and installed by our construction team to prevent any damage.

5. Controlling Dust & Infection

Additionally we take care in reducing the risk of infection spread during construction. For example certain fungi, like Aspergillus can be transmitted through dust and air posing a threat to patients. We utilize tools such, as air filters and portable containment units while maintaining construction areas.

By following these measures New Build Contractors guarantee the efficient completion of healthcare construction projects.