Important Factors During Construction of a Care Home


Important Factors During Construction of a Care Home

Key Considerations During the Construction of a Care Home
Lets delve into four aspects to consider when undertaking construction projects in a care home.

Effective Communication

We firmly believe that communication plays a role, in determining the success or failure of care home construction endeavors. To minimize disruptions it is imperative to establish channels of communication. Regular meetings between the care home manager and the main contractor are essential whether formal or informal. These meetings should encourage dialogue allowing care home staff to comprehend the project plan and understand which areas will be undergoing construction work. Contractors should also be informed about any off limits areas due to circumstances or scheduled care home activities. Providing updates to staff is equally important in keeping residents and their families informed about ongoing work ensuring their comfort and alleviating any anxieties they may have.

Contractor Competence

Assessing a contractors competence goes beyond evaluating their craftsmanship quality; it encompasses their ability to plan and manage construction work efficiently while prioritizing health and safety. Care homes must only engage construction contractors such as ourselves who adhere to CDM regulations. Our team, at New Build Contractors possesses the qualifications, experience and understanding of working within a care home environment.

On site Arrangements

We understand that managing construction work, in care homes with residents who have dementia or physical difficulties can be quite challenging. To minimize any risks or stress caused by the construction activities it is important to prioritize the safety and well being of the residents. This may involve closing off corridors, wings or floors to prevent any potential hazards during the construction process. While it can be a bit challenging on sites ensuring safety is crucial. As a measure we make use of signs and physical barriers to restrict access to areas where construction work is taking place. By adopting this approach we aim to prevent accidents or injuries involving residents, staff members and contractors.

Logistics Planning

In building projects for care homes having a planned logistics strategy is essential in order to maintain operations and avoid disruptions. We collaborate closely with care home management to develop a logistics plan that covers entry and exit routes within the care home premises. Ideally our teams access routes should be separate from those used by the care home itself. The logistics plan includes designated areas for parking, deliveries as both internal and external storage requirements. It also takes into account areas fire safety routes and provisions, for contractors sanitation needs.

As the project moves forward it is crucial to maintain flexibility, in the plan to accommodate and address any changes, in the project scope. This ensures that adjustments can be made accordingly and accounted for within the plan.