Dementia Care Home Construction

We deliver high-quality dementia care homes that are built for purpose and for the future.

Creating High-Quality Dementia Care Homes Across the UK

Dementia care home facilities are environments that require a delicate balance of empathy and expert craftsmanship. We at New Build Contractors leverage our expertise in constructing dementia care homes and our mission is to design spaces that emanate warmth and provide comfort for residents while also offering a setting, for the dedicated staff who care for them.

A Competent Builder You Can Rely On

We collaborate with our clients to set expectations and offer timely responses to all their inquiries. We take pride in completing our care home projects within the designated timeframe and budget when faced with unforeseen obstacles. One thing we promise to our clients is that we deliver on our promises. Our experience and knowledge of dementia care home design and building allow us to make the most of the space within the building. We make sure the care home functions effectively and efficiently, with special attention to the safety of the residents and their families. We provide a full care home package where we work on the interior and exterior spaces fulfilling everything that the residents need.


Designing with Emotion and Precision

Every aspect of the care home, from the color of the walls to the layout, is thoughtfully considered by our specialist teams to ensure that our care homes exude a welcoming ambiance that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. We deeply understand the impact of design on shaping residents' experiences. Therefore we incorporate elements that evoke feelings of familiarity, comfort, and tranquility by creating an atmosphere where they truly feel at home.


Optimizing Space for Unparalleled Comfort

Drawing on our knowledge of dementia care homes, we prioritize optimizing every inch of space. Our goal is to strike a balance between modernity and efficiency while ensuring an accessible environment for residents and their families. By crafting spaces that are both visually appealing and practical in every corner of the home we aim to foster an environment where residents can thrive while providing peace of mind for their families.



Sympathetic to Client Needs

Our philosophy towards construction goes beyond the structure of a care home. We believe in creating spaces that truly meet the needs and desires of the care home residents. Our approach encompasses not only the building itself but also the surrounding landscapes, where we meticulously design calming and therapeutic areas. These green spaces are carefully crafted with dementia patients in mind offering them places to reconnect with nature and enjoy the outdoors safely.

In essence, our construction philosophy is more than about erecting walls; it's a commitment to curating an environment where every resident feels valued, cherished, and truly, at home.

UK Coverage

New Build Contractors provide our care home construction services throughout the UK. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide a care home construction service anywhere in the UK.

Value added to your Budget

Whether you need help with funding, design, or the construction of a dementia new care home, our team is on hand to assist you. Rest assured, you will be working with a construction partner who understands the care sector and knows how to get the best out of the care home planning system

Experienced Senior Living

We specialise in senior living and assisted living developments too. Our teams will assist with the planning, design, and building of your care home to a high-quality finish.

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