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We have experience in undertaking Commercial construction projects in Hampshire, from large-scale developments to refurbishments and ongoing maintenance.

Professional Commercial Builders in Hampshire

New Build Contractors in Hampshire has the experience and expertise in the construction industry providing high-quality building services for commercial projects in Hampshire. We offer a wide range of building services, including custom building extensions and the construction of new buildings in Hampshire tailored to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for a quote and discover how we can bring your ideas to life.

Our team of construction experts is dedicated to serving our commercial clients in Hampshire. We offer construction services starting from architectural design consultations all the way to meticulous property maintenance and repairs.

One of our core values is a commitment to building practices. We prioritize creating building designs that are efficient and forward-thinking exceeding our client's expectations. By using the best quality and sustainable materials, we strive to achieve our client's project objectives and meet performance indicators ensuring that our structures not only meet current standards but also remain resilient for future generations.


Hampshire's First Choice Principal Commercial Contractor

We operate as the Principal Contractor in Hampshire for most of the commercial projects that we undertake, for a wide range of clients across various sectors including, health, education, industrial, hospitality, retail and residential, delivering multifaceted building services. Our experienced contractors can handle all aspects of new build commercial construction or renovations projects.

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Commercial Builders in Hampshire You Can Trust

Our commercial builders in Hampshire are committed to construct business spaces that reflect your company’s values and brand image. We understand that a well-designed workspace plays a crucial role in supporting your organisation in Hampshire. Buildings are a foundation which has the power to impact your company’s brand image, employee productivity and investor opinions. Our commercial building services in Hampshire assists you to create a business which reflects and enhances your values and image.

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Why Choose Us in Hampshire

New Build Contractors are known for our flexibility and collaborative approach in working with our clients in Hampshire. We are here to assist you with our professional team of commercial builders, who are dedicated and experienced to deliver your project. We have an in-house team of builders who manage our construction operations, who ensure there is minimal disruption during the construction process. We will find adaptable and flexible methods to navigate the challenges of workplace transformation, ensuring that we deliver what you need on time and within budget.


Commercial Design and Build Construction Company

We are a commercial construction company in Hampshire with experience in providing design and build solutions to customers. We make sure you have the best architects for your new commercial project and our flexible approach means your project will be completed on time and to your budget. Working with New Build Contractors means you will have the opportunity to access our wide range of Construction Management expertise in various industries and business sectors in Hampshire. Whether you are looking to extend your commercial premises or want to undertake an extensive refurbishment, New Build Contractors have the expertise and skills to see it through successfully. No matter what size your commercial project is in Hampshire, our clients always get the same professional and high-quality service.


Dedicated Project and Site Management

At New Build Contractors, we believe in supporting our clients in Hampshire and working alongside them during the construction and renovation projects. We assign our team of skilled professionals who will carefully plan, manage, and assess projects on behalf of your company in Hampshire You can rest assure that New Build Contractors is fully committed to providing high quality services that will assist you to succeed in your business objectives.

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Experienced Commercial Refurbishment and Extension Builders 

New Build Contractors is a company that specializes in renovating businesses and extending commercial builders. We have earned a reputation for excellence in commercial construction throughout Hampshire. Our approach is guided by four principles;

1. Design; We carefully plan every project combining ideas to create functional and visually appealing results.

2. Proactive Project Management; With a hands-on approach, we anticipate challenges and navigate through them expertly ensuring effective execution.

3. Construction Techniques; Our team employs cutting-edge construction methods to ensure efficiency and top-notch quality in every build.

4. Strong Client Relationships; We believe that our success lies in the trust, transparency, and mutual respect we cultivate with our clients across Hampshire.

At New Build Contractors, we recognize that each property has its purpose—whether it's meeting the demands of sites or providing comfortable and elegant residential spaces. Our goal is to deliver spaces that not only serve their intended function but also enhance the value and quality of life for those who use them.

Commercial and Industrial Builds in Hampshire

We firmly believe that the commercial spaces that we build go beyond structures; they truly embody your brand values and identity. We approach every project regardless of its scale and size with precision and attention to detail. We take the time to understand your requirements for design and functionality and integrate them into our comprehensive planning process.

Our commercial expertise extends beyond spearheading developments – we also collaborate on design initiatives and redevelop existing spaces transforming them into valuable and efficient assets. Our dedication lies not only in construction but in crafting legacies that align with your identity and long-term goals.

Commercial Construction FAQs Hampshire

What are the different types of Commercial Construction Projects in Hampshire?


As a commercial builder, we provide construction services for a wide range of buildings in Hampshire. These include offices, apartment blocks, industrial and warehouses, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, hotel and leisure facilities, sports facilities, and institutional buildings.

Would we able to view any previous construction projects of a similar size?


Yes, we do this with most of our potential customers. We build and maintain excellent working relationships with all our customers and are happy to provide references and show the projects we have completed for them.

When creating new space for my business in Hampshire, is there any alternative option?


Renovations and adaptive reuse could also be seen as feasible options. Renovating an existing commercial building or buying one with plans to renovate, is generally the most cost-effective option for business owners in Hampshire to pursue. The costs of construction materials, inflation, and the growing talent gap have made building new commercial properties more expensive than before.

Are you able to work with listed buildings in Hampshire?


Yes, we have experience working with listed buildings. We understand the importance of being careful and respectful when working on sites with heritage value. We meticulously follow all protocols and regulations to ensure that the building's traditional and historical significance is preserved.

Do I need to acquire drawings?


Although we are not certified architects, we have experience in project design. We can collaborate with you to create a space that meets your specific requirements. However, if you already have drawings or obtain them from another source, we are more than willing to work with them.

We only require a refurbishment in Hampshire. Is this something you can handle?


Absolutely! We are capable of handling refurbishments as well as large-scale renovation projects in Hampshire. Whether you need improvements or significant changes, to your office or commercial space we are eager to discuss your needs and provide solutions.

Can you collaborate with subcontractors in Hampshire?


Certainly! It is common for us to work together with subcontractors on projects in Hampshire. Introduce us and inform us about your plans involving other subcontractors. We can ensure a smooth progression of our contribution to your project. We strongly believe that effective communication plays a role in the execution of any project.

Do you possess any credentials?


Certainly! New Build Contractors takes pride in being a member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Additionally, we are registered with the Environment Agency-approved contractors by NICEIC and Gas Safety registered. These accreditations serve as evidence of our unwavering dedication to maintaining top-notch standards across all our projects.

Will there be a guarantee, for the building work you undertake?


Absolutely! All our commercial building projects in Hampshire come with a guarantee. It assures both the quality of our work and provides peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you offer a Design to Build Service?


We have a team of skilled contractors providing outstanding design and build services across the commercial industry in Hampshire. We deliver custom, design to build commercial construction solutions in Hampshire. Our aim is to build eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable spaces that are specially tailored to your needs.

Do Your Offer Pre-Buying Guidance?


Yes, we can arrange a visit to your property in Hampshire before you buy it, assessing its structure, electrics and the general fabric of the building. If you have any ideas for your property that you want to achieve, we will check the possibilities with you and discuss the potential costs involve

Do you have a Safety plan in place?


We prioritize safety above all else as it not only contributes to the success of our business but also reflects our ethical values. Our entire team, including employees and trade partners, strictly follows a safety plan. Throughout the project, we give importance to safety by conducting meetings and diligently documenting daily inspections.

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