Care Home Refurbishment

We offer care home building refurbishment and extension services . Upgrade your care home facilities whilst minimizing the impact on your elderly residents.

Care Home Building Refurbishment

New Build Contractors is committed to improving and preserving the living standards and quality of life for our care home clients and their residents. We offer a variety of solutions for care home refurbishment to support your plans for enhancing care home facilities. Our services include renovating living areas and bedrooms, updating bathrooms, revamping outdoor relaxation spaces, and refurbishing corridors. Whether you require additional residency space or simply wish to renovate your current care home, we are here to assist you. Our skilled teams are knowledgeable in the latest energy-efficient technology and equipment required for care homes.

Brief Guide to Care Home Refurbishment

According to Knights Frank's Health Care Development Opportunities Report, there are over 12,000 care homes in the UK and most of them are located in old properties which means there is a regular requirement to renovate for the residents to continue living and getting quality specialist care. New Build Contractors can refurbish and transform old care home buildings into cutting-edge, modern, functional facilities. 

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has cast uncertainty and apprehension over the care sector. Due to safety concerns, many families are opting for in-home care leading to decreases in occupancy rates within residential care homes. Data from the Social Care Institute for Excellence paints a picture indicating a decline from 87% to 81%. Despite recovery trends occupancy remains a pressing concern for care home owners.

So how can refurbishment catalyze this scenario? Embarking on the process of renovating a care home may initially seem daunting, but it is a crucial step in revitalizing the premises and restoring trust in residential care homes in the UK. We recognize the concerns you may have about timelines, budgets, and potential disruptions, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our goal is to redefine care by seamlessly blending the allure of the past with modern innovations, ensuring that the refurbishment not only appeals to prospective residents but also enhances their confidence in your facility.

What Does a Care Home Refurbishment Include?

Refurbishing a care home involves considering two main factors: the condition of the building and the evolving needs of its residents. Some care homes may require extensive renovations due to age and neglect, while others may benefit from modernization and minor updates.

At New Build Contractors, our comprehensive care home renovation services go beyond simple interior improvements or fixing structural issues. We offer a range of solutions, such as:

1. Redesigning Spaces: Our teams work to transform living areas and bedrooms, ensuring they are both comfortable and visually appealing.

2. Optimizing Space: Our architects carefully plan the layout of your care home to make the most efficient use of every inch, taking into account the specific needs of each resident.

3. Revamping Bathrooms: We introduce state-of-the-art upgrades, including customized baths that cater to individual preferences and requirements.

4. Embracing Adaptability: Our designs and builds include rooms that can accommodate residents with various mobility levels, ensuring their specific needs are met.

5. Prioritizing Safety: Our Care Home Refurbishment services not only focus on appearance but also on safety aspects. This includes renovated corridors and customized fire doors to enhance the overall safety of the care home.

6. Modern Amenities: We upgrade electrical systems and heating infrastructure to provide residents with a better living experience, ensuring their comfort and convenience.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to create a care home environment that meets the highest standards of comfort, safety, and functionality.

Refurbishing a care home goes beyond enhancing its appearance; it entails constructing a space that is both soothing and functional, adapting to the evolving needs and preferences of its inhabitants, while also ensuring the building's longevity through re-insulation and roof replacements.


Benefits of Refurbishing Care Homes for Providers

There are several benefits to undertaking a full care home refurbishment for the care providers in the UK. Here are a few benefits of renovating your care home: 

Enhance Your Reputation; When a care home undergoes refurbishment it not only looks great but also enhances its prestige. The modern and sophisticated appearance attracts dedicated staff who are committed to providing exceptional care.

Increase Occupancy and Financial Well-being; By improving facilities and raising the standards of care you naturally attract residents. Higher occupancy rates lead to increased profits, which can then be reinvested in enhancements and innovations within the home.

Achieving an 'Outstanding' CQC Rating; The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for monitoring care home standards assigning ratings ranging from 'Inadequate' to the sought-after 'Outstanding'. With 14% of residential care homes in the UK requiring upgrades in 2021 renovating your establishment ensures compliance while instilling confidence, in prospective residents as well as their families. This reassures them of your dedication to providing quality care.

How Refurbishing Care Homes Enhance the Lives of Residents

When it comes to refurbishing care homes, the primary focus should always be on improving the well-being and overall quality of life of the residents. Here's what we offer to the residents:

Enhanced Living Spaces; By considering design and making renovations care homes can elevate the quality of their facilities. Just imagine a renovated area that's now more spacious and accessible serving as a hub for residents to engage with each other and build connections.

Incorporating Cutting Edge Care; As technology and knowledge continue to advance it's essential to equip care homes with healthcare innovations. Regular technological upgrades provide residents with access to the latest standards of care. For example, consider including specialist-designed rooms that cater specifically to residents with conditions like dementia. These rooms ensure that they receive attention in an environment tailored to their needs.

A Haven of Comfort & Safety; We believe a refurbished care home should evoke feelings of warmth, security, and familiarity. Beyond focusing on aesthetics, such as incorporating wood patterned floors with slip features renovations play a crucial role in integrating important safety elements. This could include installing custom fire doors or creating space for equipment, like hoists. The ultimate goal is to blend safety measures into an atmosphere that makes residents feel both secure and cherished.

How New Build Contractors Can Help?

At New Build Contractors, our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has been shaping the landscape of England for over two decades. Have you ever wondered what motivates us? It's the delight we see in our client's eyes when they witness their care home project come to life. Every brick we lay and every plan we create reflects our mission to exceed client expectations.

At New Build Contractors, we don't just build; we foster collaboration with our clients. Our seamless communication channels ensure that clients and designers are always working together to drive projects forward in an efficient manner within budget and with unparalleled high standards. The strong relationships we have cultivated with top-tier subcontractors and suppliers over the past decades only strengthen our commitment to delivering service.

If you're considering giving your care home an elegant new look let's have a conversation about it. Explore our wealth of knowledge and experience in care home renovations and allow our skilled craftsmen to bring your ideal care home to life. At New Build Contractors we don't simply construct buildings; we create lasting legacies!

Care Home Renovations Company

At New Build Contractors, we prioritize our clients in the care home sector by providing them with exceptional service that is tailored to their needs. We understand the importance of sensitivity and flexibility in this line of work. Our services include taking into account specialized equipment requirements and implementing additional health and safety measures when working in a "live" environment with residents and staff. Additionally, we collaborate directly with architects and offer comprehensive project management support.

If you are considering extending or renovating your existing care home, look no further than New Build Contractors. Our extensive knowledge of the care industry ensures that all our work complies with current regulations while optimizing the space and efficiency of your care home.

Years of experience working in live environments have equipped us with the expertise to consistently prioritize safety and minimize disruption to staff and residents. We meticulously plan our work around their specific needs, whether it's for simple repairs or a complete refurbishment. Our experienced team specializing in the care sector is committed to providing you with the highest quality and professional service from the initial planning stages to project completion.

What is usually involved in renovating a Care Home?

The renovations of care homes can differ depending on the condition of the building and the needs of the residents. If the building is in very poor condition, major structural changes may be necessary. This could also involve adding extensions or new buildings. However, many care home renovations mainly focus on redesigning the interior of the existing building.

A typical care home renovation may include:

Redesigning living areas and bedrooms

Rearranging and optimizing space

Upgrading bathrooms with custom-made baths

Creating specially adapted wet rooms

Refurbishing hallways and installing customized fire doors

Updating electrical and heating systems

Reinsulating and replacing the roof

Constructing new extensions

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