Care Home Maintenance

We provide Specialist Care Home repairs, maintenance, and installation services for those who manage or own care homes

Planned Care Home Maintenance Services

Every care home facility within the UK whether it's a care home or a high-end nursing facility requires regular care home maintenance services. This is essential not only to meet the required standards but also to ensure that the care home establishment meets the needs of its care home residents effectively.

In some cases, these construction and maintenance tasks can be smoothly handled with residents present as long as there is a well-thought-out plan in place. This ensures that safety is not compromised and daily life continues without any disruptions. For example, when renovating rooms it's best to schedule the work, between one resident moving out and another moving in.

Enhance Your Care Home with Exceptional Maintenance from New Build Contractors

At New Build Contractors, we believe every care home should exude warmth, comfort, and a modern touch, and the secret to achieving that lies in a maintenance schedule! Imagine a cycle of renovations and upgrades that ensure your care home always feels fresh, inviting, and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Throughout our work in the care home environment, our maintenance personnel prioritizes the utmost respect, for residents' privacy. We will consistently knock on doors make sure to display their identification cards and keep track of their entrances and exits providing a sense of security, for everyone residing in the care facility.

Installation, Emergency Repairs, and Planned Services

We recognize the significance of ensuring the functioning of important services, like heating, hot water, and electrical systems to keep the care home running efficiently and smoothly. Collaborating with Care providers has played a vital role in our growth over the years.

Our teams specializing in gas systems, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and catering equipment offer custom solutions for installing, maintaining, and repairing the most essential systems, services, and equipment crucial to your care home business operations.

Experienced DBS Staff 

At New Build Contractors, our utmost focus is, on building trust and ensuring safety. We have implemented measures to guarantee that all members of our Work Teams undergo DBS clearances ensuring their reliability and the level of safety they provide when serving you. Our commitment does not end there as oxur staff members also participate in customized training programs covering aspects such as safeguarding, customer care, equality, diversity, and understanding conditions like dementia.

We deeply recognize the importance of partnering with a caring and reputable care home maintenance firm. These environments require attention, dignity, and respect. Our specialized training programs are thoughtfully designed to equip our colleagues with more, than skills. We strive to instill in them a heightened sense of sensitivity, empathy, and a comprehensive understanding so that they can seamlessly integrate into homes and care environments. Their top priority is always the comfort and well-being of the residents.

Facilities Management for Care Homes

New Build Contractors has a wealth of experience in catering to the needs of customers in this care home industry ranging from children's health centers to nursing homes. Our services at New Build Contractors are 24/7 across the nation. We focus on providing critical support to create a comfortable and caring environment for patients, residents, and staff. This includes planned maintenance activities such as urgent repairs, for gas, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, catering, and laundry equipment. Additionally, we also offer car charging stations.

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