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Care Home Development Services

New Build Contractor's Care Home Division is committed to the development of care homes across the UK. Our portfolio showcases a range of healthcare projects, including nursing homes and expansive care villages. With several decades of experience in the construction industry, we take pride in creating not only buildings but thriving communities where care flourishes. Our team consists of builders and developers who have successfully led construction projects, including unique standalone structures and large-scale care complexes.

Stress-Free Care Home Construction

Our talented designers and builders are well-versed in both construction and renovations with ongoing projects at different stages of development. We approach each care home project with an unwavering dedication to meet our client's exact specifications. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that every resident enjoys comfort and security.

We believe in harnessing the power of nature. That's why we take care to enhance our exteriors with gardens and restful areas creating inviting spaces where residents can truly enjoy the outdoors.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to designing care schemes, we conduct reviews that take into account every detail. We prioritize harmonizing with the environment by incorporating elements that evoke a sense of "home" for the residents. From arrangement to aesthetics, every aspect is carefully planned to maximize convenience and comfort.

We specialize in designing layouts that are both functional and accessible ensuring that bedrooms and essential amenities such, as kitchens, bathrooms, hair salons, lounges, and dining areas can be easily reached, thus enhancing the care experience.

Full Project Managed Care Homes

New Build Contractors is dedicated to sourcing, conceptualizing, and bringing to life care and residential properties. Our experienced team possesses an understanding of the property industry and is fully equipped to manage projects from initial concept to completion. We always consider the characteristics of each locality to ensure our creations harmonize with the neighborhood ambiance while meeting the growing demand for specialized care accommodations.

Innovative Care Home Builders

Innovation is at the core of our approach. Our care facilities are designed as marvels that stay one step ahead of industry demands. They offer flexibility to accommodate requirements while ensuring efficient management. Additionally, we prioritize safety by future-proofing our designs to effectively handle situations that may arise.

Types of Care Home Construction

Whether you're designing your residential care home, refurbishing care spaces, extending your care home property, or simply maintaining it, New Build Contractors is here to support you throughout every step of the process.

If you need a different perspective on your plans or advice on cost-effective building options, you can rely on us. At New Build Contractors, we provide insights and expertise as if we were part of your team.

Our range of services for residential care homes includes;

 Creating and executing architectural plans

 Ensuring compliance with building regulations

 Overseeing the project comprehensively

 Implementing robust health and safety protocols

 A dedicated team of experienced professionals

 Full accreditation

Partner with us, at New Build Contractors to make your development venture a success.

We Refurbish Care Homes Too

Are you looking for assistance with care home refurbishments? Our experienced team at New Build Contractors is ready to help you at any stage of your project. We specialize in all aspects from plumbing and electrical work to adding a touch of artistry through painting and decor. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable environment in every corner. When it comes to flooring we have options that combine durability and visual appeal. If immediate maintenance is a concern rest assured that we have got you covered. As industry guidelines continue to evolve your care home may require a refresh or even an extension. Whether you need full-scale renovations or improvements in areas our approach ensures that your facility not only meets but surpasses industry standards providing residents with a rejuvenated space they can truly call home

New Build Developer for Care Homes

New Build Contractors offers a range of building services specifically designed for Care Homes. Whether you want to expand your current building, make structural changes, or create something entirely new, we are here to assist you.

We understand the importance of improving care home standards. That's why our comprehensive services are tailored to support your care home investment strategy. Our goal is to provide affordable residential care solutions that enhance the quality of life for residents.

With our extensive experience in construction, we can create new build properties and carry out extensions or alterations to existing ones. Our focus is on creating comfortable and functional living spaces for elderly residents.

Our social housing solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet various building standards, such as Lifetime Homes, Building for Life, and Secure by Design. We prioritize the safety and security of the local community while minimizing disruption to neighboring residents and businesses.

When it comes to delivering care home projects, you can trust us to stay within budget and meet agreed-upon deadlines. Our qualified management teams oversee the progress and control costs throughout the entire process.

Design and Build Care Home Developer

New Build Contractors specializes in care home development and has completed numerous healthcare projects. These include residential nursing homes, care homes, and complete care villages. With our years of experience in construction, we pride ourselves on not only building care homes but also creating caring communities. Our team of dedicated builders and developers possess extensive expertise in various construction projects, ranging from unique custom builds to large-scale care schemes. Our builders and designers are well-versed in both new construction and refurbishment work, and we currently have several projects in various stages of design and construction. When embarking on a care home project, we diligently ensure that the design aligns with the client's specific requirements, prioritizing the comfort and safety of the residents. Additionally, we strive to incorporate elements that make residents feel at home, taking into consideration the existing surroundings.

Great attention is given to the arrangement of interiors and construction design to optimize space and ensure comfort. Our team meticulously strategizes the positioning of bedrooms and various facilities, including kitchens, bathrooms, hair salons, lounges, and dining areas, to guarantee that residents have effortless access to the care and services they require. In addition, we make it a priority to create picturesque gardens and comfortable seating spaces outside, whenever feasible, for residents to relish during pleasant weather.

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