Care Home Design Trends

What are the Care Home Design Trends?

What makes a room unique and different from others? Let's explore the concept of "distinctive." It refers to something that stands out and is easily recognizable because it deviates from the usual. In essence, it's about creating a space that showcases individuality reflects your personality, and provides residents with a great experience.

Why is it important to have one-of-a-kind interiors? When families are searching for a care home one that has a style becomes highly appealing. It's not just about appeal; it's also a way to make a statement. By having a design you're not just offering a room but an entire experience. This shifts the focus from cost to what matters; the quality of care provided, creating a sense of belonging, and offering residents the comfort they enjoyed in their previous homes.

Are you curious about the latest interior trends and how to incorporate them into your care home? Let's embark, on this design journey to create interiors that are both fashionable and unmistakably yours.

Earthy Colour Tones and Materials

At New Build Contractors we believe there's something truly captivating about nature effortlessly weaving its magic into the spaces we inhabit! Earthy tones go beyond being colors; they evoke emotions capturing the essence of forests, landscapes, and natural clay. Adorned in shades of browns inviting greys and soothing taupe they create an ambiance that whispers serenity and tranquility within care homes. Whether you're considering upholstery tactile textures, wooden finishes, or making choices, for paint and flooring this palette invites you to immerse yourself in its calming embrace.

Recent visits to the care homes and retirement villages have confirmed what we have noticed; nature-inspired colors are reigning supreme. The era of the pandemic brought with it a preference, for whites and various shades of beige—a nod to cleanliness and clinical precision. However, as the world finds its balance again design trends in care homes have shifted towards warmth. Imagine care home walls adorned in terracotta hues and cozy corners painted in mustard tones with touches of mushroom and sage adding layers of tranquility.

It's not all softness and subtlety! To add a touch and infuse some liveliness into areas, contemporary design experts are strategically incorporating shades of lively greens and zesty oranges. The result? Spaces that are not only relaxing but also energizing, appealing to people of all ages – from visitors to seasoned residents and passionate staff. 

Maximalism in Care Homes

When it comes to care home design embracing maximalism can offer residents an experience and take them on a nostalgic journey.  Just imagine entering a room bursting with life, where vibrant colors, prints, and contrasting furniture come together to showcase the care home's character. It's not about being loud or busy; it's purposefully curating a space that evokes emotions and holds sentimental value.

Oh, those scatter cushions are more than accessories, each cushion adorned with colors and diverse patterns becomes an invitation for conversations and stirs up emotions. There are no rules, for furniture choices either. The charm lies in pairing a Victorian-era armchair with a 70s-inspired coffee table.

The retro glory of the 1980s perfectly complements this trend. By incorporating design elements of that era care homes can create "reminiscence rooms”. Spaces that go beyond aesthetics by reigniting memories. The recognizable patterns and intricate designs have the power to transport residents to their days sparking conversations filled with shared stories and cherished reminiscences.

In essence, the concept of maximalism in designing care homes goes beyond being a passing fad; it is a tribute to uniqueness, personal histories, and the collective memories held dear by its residents. Delve into details blend elements harmoniously and allow every nook and cranny to echo the fabric of life.

Shapes and Dramatic Backdrops 

When it comes to care homes the way they are designed is crucial, for both aesthetics and the well-being of residents. It's important to consider not only how things look but how they can contribute to a positive living experience. Using angles and straight lines which can be risky in case of accidents, more and more care environments are opting for furniture with rounded edges. This prioritizes safety and also adds a touch of style.

The trend of incorporating nature into spaces has led to an appreciation for curved designs. From armchairs in lounges to curved coffee tables, these elements are making a strong impact on new care homes and retirement communities.

However, the concept of curvature goes beyond furniture as it's being extended to walls and tiles as well. These graceful curves not only bring a sense of sophistication to the design but also play an important role, in helping people navigate through the space, especially, for individuals grappling with dementia or vision challenges having distinct shapes in their environment can serve as a beacon. It aids them in identifying and distinguishing between rooms.

Let's take the dining area as an example. Imagine walls, with curves and carefully placed furniture that not only prioritize resident safety but also act as visual guides. The outcome? A space that not only functions effectively but emanates a sense of warmth and style.

So the time you enter a care home take notice of those curves and flowing lines. They do more than just add appeal; they are revolutionizing care home design by combining safety with style.

Bottomline -

In this article, we delve into the trends, in care home design for 2023 and beyond. Gone are the days of cold interiors as nowadays care homes and retirement facilities are embracing nature-inspired colors, immersive settings, and more to add warmth and a homely feel to their spaces.

The aim is twofold; to enhance the living experience, for residents by surrounding them with environments and to create an inviting atmosphere that appeals not only to residents but also to visitors and dedicated staff members.


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