Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Contractor


Choosing the Right Builder; Important Questions to Ask

1. Is the builder trustworthy, suitable and qualified, for your project?

The reputation and experience of a builder are factors to consider. It's essential to choose a builder with a reputation in the local market and community. Before making a decision ask yourself these questions;

References; Has the builder successfully completed projects to yours? Can they effectively manage quality, cost and time?

Trade Memberships; Does the builder hold memberships with organizations?

Insurance and Contracts; Does the builder have adequate insurance coverage? Can they provide contracts and appropriate guarantees?

2. How does the builder uphold standards for craftsmanship, materials and products?

Achieving high quality work relies on using top notch materials employing construction methods and having craftsmen on board. Consider the aspects;

Craftsmanship; Who will be overseeing your project? Are their foremen and managers committed to delivering excellence?
Emphasis on Quality and Transparency; Does the builder prioritize quality workmanship while maintaining transparency in their processes?. Do they tend to take shortcuts?

3. Are the quotes offering products and services?

It's important to ensure that you are comparing offerings when evaluating quotes from builders. A comprehensive quotation will help you make a decision, about where to invest your money.
Make sure to ask the contractor for a description of what's included and excluded in their quote.

4. Will my project be completed within my budget and timeline?

During the tendering stage your builder should provide you with a breakdown of costs and a project schedule. It's important to inquire about how they will handle changes and how these might impact your project.

5. Does the builders reputation add value to their services?

The builders additional skills and knowledge can greatly enhance your project. Consider the factors;

Communication; Can the builder effectively communicate with architects and engineers offering suggestions?

Innovation; Is the contractor open, to implementing ideas and keeping up with industry advancements in products and techniques?

Sustainability; Does the builder incorporate energy practices and prioritize eco friendly work methods?

6. What is the preferred method of payment for my builder?

It's vital to have clear payment terms documented in writing. Typically stage or milestone payments are expected than upfront payments for work.

Choosing a build contractor in West Sussex is a decision. At New Build Contractors we are dedicated, to addressing these inquiries and surpassing your expectations. Lets shape your future together.