Hospital Design and Construction

Hospital Design with a Human Touch

Imagine a hospital, a blend of contrasting emotions a sanctuary that offers both worry and comfort, illness and vitality. It's not only a place for healthcare services but a bustling center for various activities like catering, deliveries, laundry, and parking management. A hospital combines state-of-the-art technology with hospitality to become more than a building; it symbolizes compassion and advanced care for everyone in the community. In considering the changes in the future we at New Build Contractors understand that the current hospitals might need to transform into something different.

To succeed in healthcare design and construction, our team skillfully navigates through factors that contribute value. Our approach revolves around "design to value " where we commit unwaveringly to harmonizing elements. Our ultimate goal extends beyond constructing structures; we aim to create spaces that embody excellence while ensuring well-being enhancing user experience achieving cost and carbon savings adhering to budget and timelines and possessing the flexibility needed for anticipated as well as unforeseen future developments.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare Design

Taking a comprehensive approach to healthcare design means starting each project with a defined brief that ensures our evolving design remains aligned with the initial objectives. Our approach considers the brief, as an element in the journey towards establishing a functional hospital for our clients. We understand the interconnectedness of aspects such as hospital layout, infrastructure requirements, service facilities, and parking logistics. The brief and construction strategy play an important role in determining the overall feasibility of the building.

As an integrated firm, we have teams equipped with technology engineering knowledge and construction expertise. These teams are involved in every stage of our projects right from the beginning. This ensures that our designs are not just approximations but are based on precision from the start.

Innovative Design from the Core

Our design strategy revolves around understanding our client's needs through workshops. As the complexity of the project unfolds in a linear manner it is essential to identify key details early on to ensure that our design solution sets new standards for quality. Once we establish the structure based on client requirements we actively collaborate with stakeholders.

By engaging with both non-clinical staff as well as patients and visitors we carefully analyze how people navigate through the building to maximize efficiency. Our aim is to create functionality, for hospitals by ensuring adjacencies between different areas and clearly defining user categories when necessary. We incorporate factors into our designs to ensure that hospitals function at their best.

After reaching an agreement with the client we move on to creating diagrams that outline the needs and relationships between different rooms. This helps us engage with stakeholders and ensure that their unique requirements for each room are met. Our approach which we call "designing the hospital from inside out " always keeps the response aligned with the project objectives. We value space as a factor that contributes to positive clinical outcomes.

Standardisation with Flexibility

We strive to strike a balance between standardization and flexibility in our build projects. By identifying elements among spaces we can create a standardized construction framework. This approach not only offers benefits but also allows for unparalleled adaptability.

Our design principle emphasizes adaptability to changing needs as demonstrated by our hospital project for an NHS trust in the Midlands. The hospital was designed on a grid system enabling expansion and modifications without interrupting operations on floors.

Future Resilient and Sustainable Design

We believe in designing hospitals that are resilient and sustainable for the long term. A hospital should be able to adapt to its evolving requirements as well as changes in its surrounding environment. As we have witnessed in 2020 these changes can sometimes be sudden and significant.

Our response is centered around creating adaptable and flexible designs that can withstand circumstances while maintaining excellent healthcare standards. This is further supported by our approach of focusing on optimizing every aspect eliminating approximations and making the most of opportunities to reduce inefficiency and waste.

Technology Advancement Across Domains

Our work spans various sectors where technology plays a vital role in developing digital solutions that efficiently handle vast amounts of data, for example, in hospitals, we can help manage flow, and appointments and ensure that patients have access to their entire treatment journey at their fingertips. From finding parking to reaching the treatment room.

Our guiding principle "Design to Value" is applied to all our healthcare projects with success. As we navigate through the healthcare sector in the UK, our contractors are pioneering the generation of hospitals by integrating technology, with human-centered design and future-ready adaptability.

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