Commercial Construction and Phased Projects

What is Phased Construction

As professionals in the construction industry, we recognize that many businesses would prefer an uninterrupted execution of their construction projects from beginning to end. However real-world limitations such as budget constraints, potential revenue risks, and operational complexities often require a strategic approach.

This strategic approach is known as Phased Construction. It involves breaking down large-scale projects into segments allowing the work to be completed gradually over a period of time—sometimes spanning months or even years if necessary. Choosing phased construction can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to alleviate burdens maintain a cash flow or navigate complex project requirements, with greater adaptability.

Is Phased Construction Apt for your Commercial Project?

The growth of a commercial business involves taking into account many factors and making the right decisions. While the excitement of expansion is thrilling it also presents the challenge of managing space. As your business grows, you are faced with a decision; should you renovate, expand, or relocate entirely?

Enter the world of phased construction—a method that divides the building process into manageable stages allowing businesses to operate smoothly and ensuring a steady revenue stream.

This non-linear model breaks down the construction plan into independent mini-projects that are executed at different intervals. Imagine having a vision for a project but limited funds prevent its realization, phased construction offers a solution by allowing the project to be completed in stages. The time gaps between these phases can vary, sometimes spanning years, however, it is important to note that each phase is fully completed before moving on to the next.

For example, consider an apartment complex consisting of five buildings. In this case, the phased approach would involve constructing one building at a time. Once the first building is fully functional attention shifts, to constructing the next one.


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What are the Advantages?

If you find yourself torn between traditional construction or phased construction methods, here's a closer look, at situations where phased construction becomes an asset;

1. Minimized upfront costs; Dealing with an investment can be overwhelming. If your organization faces budget constraints then phased construction offers a solution. By focusing on projects you can spread out the commitments and reduce the risks during your business growth phase. If careful capital allocation is crucial partnering with New Build Contractors allows us to assess if segmented construction suits your project.

2. Flexible design process; Phased construction provides flexibility compared to approaches that require planning before starting the construction. With this model, you have the freedom to make real-time adjustments prioritize sections, and achieve value from your project. If you still have uncertainties in your blueprint opting for construction gives you the breathing space. Trust our architects at New Build Contractors to transform your vision into perfection.


3. Extended timelines for execution; If time constraints are not a concern and you value careful execution of each segment this methodology is an excellent fit. Although phased construction may introduce delays it allows for a deliberate and thoughtful pace.

At New Build Contractors, we understand the importance of these scenarios. We offer expertise, in implementing segmented construction methods tailored to meet your needs assess the way your operations work, and determine how well they align with this approach.

How to Plan a Phased Construction Project?

At New Build Contractors, we approach commercial construction projects with a defined and comprehensive strategy often adopting a Phased Construction approach. This involves two planning components; the Master Project Plan and the Phased Project Plan.

The Master Project Plan acts as a blueprint for the project, outlining the timeline, budget, and complete scope of the construction endeavor. It serves as a framework that aligns all activities and provides a guiding vision for completing the project.

Delving deeper into the details the Phased Project Plan breaks down this vision into detailed segments. Each phase of construction is carefully outlined, considering design requirements, accurate cost estimates, and targeted timeframes for each segment. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our planning before physical construction begins.

A key factor in our success lies in our unwavering dedication to communication and collaboration, with our clients. We work diligently to ensure that not only is each phase executed on schedule but that our client's daily operations are minimally affected during the construction process.

Understanding the flow of tasks and managing logistics effectively are vital aspects of our delivery model.

With our experience in project management, we excel at organizing elements of construction projects. This includes coordinating the efforts of subcontractors and ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations all while staying on track with the project's course.

What are the Risks Involved in Phased Construction? 

We believe ensuring the progress of a commercial construction project while minimizing risks is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the project and the continued operations of our clients. Here are the steps we take to address these risks;

Logistics; We meticulously coordinate site logistics to ensure that access points are always clear for vehicles and deliveries. Our phased management and scheduling help minimize disruptions allowing your business to maintain a flow of stock even when certain areas of the site are under construction or have restricted access.

Health and Safety; The safety and well-being of all personnel on site including your workforce are our top priorities. We conduct risk assessments and implement robust safety measures that adapt to the dynamic nature of a phased construction site. Our comprehensive health and safety protocols adhere to the regulations and best practices regularly reviewed to keep up with changes at the worksite.

Business Continuity; We create tailored business continuity plans for your operations incorporating safeguards and redundancies to sustain your business activities. By anticipating scenarios we ensure that your business remains operational in unforeseen circumstances. 

Operations; We thoroughly analyze every aspect of your business operations in order to strategically plan employee schedules, required training sessions, and deployment of equipment.

With our strategic approach, we aim to improve how efficiently your operations run while minimizing any disruptions caused by construction activities.

By planning, maintaining communication, and fostering a strong partnership, we effectively manage potential risks as we progress through the commercial construction process. Our team consists of professionals who have the foresight to anticipate challenges and the flexibility to handle them promptly. You can trust us to guide your project toward completion while ensuring that your day-to-day operations remain uninterrupted, at every stage.

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