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Your Leading New Build Contractor in the UK

Looking for expert new build contractors to build your new house or commercial facility? We are one the leading new build contractors based in London. Whether you're a property developer searching for land assessing the feasibility of a project or ready to start construction we've got you covered. We offer tailored building services that cater to the unique needs of each client and their specific locations. As a one-stop solution, for architecture, surveying, and building, our primary objective is to maximize the potential of every space from inception to completion. With our approach and attention, to detail, we strive to deliver quality craftsmanship in every project we undertake. New Build Contractors provides high-quality building services that are within your budget. Our teams have everything it takes to make sure that your newly built home or commercial facility is completed to a superior finish. 

What is New Build Construction?

The term "new build construction" refers to the creation of brand new buildings, setting them apart from renovations or refurbishments of existing ones. This concept encompasses a range of buildings including houses, apartments, office towers, medical facilities, sports arenas, and more. Although it is commonly associated with homes "new build construction" extends beyond that.

In the realm of construction, the primary focus is on creating new developments. For example, even if a new building utilizes the foundation of the previous building it can still be considered as new build construction. On the other hand, if an existing office block adds five floors to increase its rental space it would not be classified as 'new construction.'

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Our team will guide you through each step of the process providing a project manager to assist you from the very start of the process. We can offer advice and guidance, on both building regulations and planning permission in your county and ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines. As experts in the construction sector, rest assured that we will customize our services to meet your specific project requirements. If you're a project manager, council authority or simply looking for a team to collaborate with on your new build project, you can rely on New Build Contractors to deliver exceptional results.

Whether it's a single home or a development consisting of houses; a commercial venture; healthcare facilities; or even sports complexes. We've got you covered! With new build projects, you have the freedom to design as per your preferences within your budget while considering the site-specific constraints.


Fully Bespoke Design and Planning

We will cater to all your design requirements, tailored to you needs.

A Stress-Free Build

We assign a dedicated project manager to keep your project running smoothly..

Specialist Refurbishment

We undertake all specialist, custom renovations and refurbishments across the UK

Full Start to Finish Project Management

We will give you a dedicated project manager throughout the construction phase of your loft.

Experienced Team with Warranty

Our New Build Contractors team has been working for over a decade now. We offer a warranty and guarantee with our work.

Insurance backed deposit and warranty

We offer insurance backed deposit and warranty to all our customers for their protection.


Whether you're a property developer or planning your project New Build Contractors is the trusted choice for all your construction needs. With over twenty years of experience and a solid reputation, we specialize in construction projects.

From building houses and apartments to working with architects, developers, and clients our team is dedicated to delivering your project on time and within budget. We handle projects of all sizes, including custom developments. Our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life from start to finish ensuring consistency and reliability throughout the building process.

We offer end-to-end expertise in home construction, including landscaping services. Our team of craftsmen can assist with every aspect of your project tailoring our services to meet your requirements.

If you need assistance in areas or are seeking design inspiration for aspects of your build we're here to help! We can provide recommendations for suppliers and installers while offering development solutions.

Choose New Build Contractors as your trusted partner for constructing your dream home or office space in the UK. We're committed, to turning your ideas into reality with professionalism and craftsmanship that surpasses expectations. Here, at New Build Contractors we view challenges not as issues but, as chances to provide tailored solutions and unique construction projects.


At New Build Contractors, we can efficiently manage and undertake construction projects for both commercial and residential purposes. Whether it's transforming properties into apartments or crafting unique commercial spaces, we possess the passion and expertise to bring your ideas to vibrant life.

What makes us stand out? Our versatility in construction is unparalleled. We excel at revamping homes into apartments and designing/building spaces that align with your business objectives. Additionally, we specialize in creating residential homes that perfectly cater to your needs. But our services go beyond construction; we also provide investment guidance and support by helping you identify opportunities while working closely with you to harmonize your vision with our construction expertise.

Refurbishments and extensions are another area of our expertise. We offer renovations for restaurants, bars, shops, and more. When it comes to enhancing houses we infuse energy by undertaking loft conversions and extensions. What sets us apart is our end-to-end solutions delivered entirely in-house. Our brilliant architects and skilled building team handle every aspect from start to finish so that you can focus on the aspects of your project that matter most to you.

But our focus goes beyond appearance; we strive to create inviting spaces that truly stand out. Our approach involves optimizing, innovating, and transforming while considering both the aesthetics and functionality ensuring that every project is built with quality and comfort, in mind.

Are you ready to take the step? Whether you're a developer or new to the world of construction we are here to provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. Dive into our website for information or even better reach out to us directly. Let's sit down together share our visions and embark on building one project at a time. With New Build Contractors, by your side, your ideas will come to life. 


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Our New Build Projects

At New Build Contractors we have experience collaborating with homeowners, throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive service ensures that we will be by your side from the beginning until the conclusion of your project. If you would like to witness our work and learn more about the builds we have completed in proximity, to your location please don't hesitate to reach out to us for a site viewing opportunity.

Feel free to explore our assortment of New Build Projects showcased below.



At New Build Contractors, we are a construction company that offers construction solutions throughout the UK. We handle everything from providing tradespeople to obtaining building permits. While each project has its challenges and requirements there are three stages that all our projects share.

Stage 1; Planning and Setting Timelines. At New Build Contractors we emphasize the importance of planning and design, as the foundation of any construction project.

Here's what you can expect during Stage 1;

Selection of an Architectural Firm/Designer; We assist you in choosing an architectural firm or designer who shares your project's vision. With our industry network, we can connect you with professionals who are best suited for your project.

Establishment of Design Package Timeline; Once you have made your selection we work closely with the chosen firm or designer to create a timeline for the design package. This timeline outlines the stages of the design process along with their expected completion dates.

Provisional Start Date; After agreeing on the design package timeline we provisionally agree on a start date, for your construction project. This important stage helps us make sure that everyone involved is, on the page and ready for the project to start.

At New Build Contractors we recognize that every project is different and we customize our approach to meet your requirements and desires. With our dedication, to openness, you will always be kept informed about the advancements of your project.


Step 2; Reviewing Plans and Estimating Expenses. At New Build Contractors our goal is to ensure a construction process for you. After establishing the project's groundwork, in Step 1 we move on to the next stage.

Let's take a look at what happens during Step 2 of our process;

Plan Review; Our team receives the plans from the firm or designer. We then schedule a meeting with you to thoroughly review and discuss the project's design objectives. This is an opportunity for you to clarify your vision, expectations, and any questions you may have about the project.

Cost Estimation by Quantity Surveyor (QS); In this stage our in-house quantity surveyor steps in. Utilizing their expertise they prepare a cost estimate for your project. This includes all aspects, such, as materials, labor, and any additional services required.

Adjustments and Final Contract Amount; Based on the cost estimate and your input we can make adjustments to align the project with your budget while maintaining high-quality workmanship. Once we have fine-tuned all the details we finalize a contract amount that accurately reflects the cost of bringing your project to life.

At New Build Contractors we place an emphasis on transparency. Rest assured our estimates do not include any costs. Our primary goal is to provide service while also being mindful of your budget limitations.


Stage 3; Executing the Project and Regular Site Meetings. Once we have the blueprints and all financial matters cleared, our team of New Build Contractors takes charge of this phase. We oversee every aspect of your project turning your vision into reality.

Let's dive deeper into what happens during Stage 3;

Project Management; Our experienced project management team plays a role throughout the process. Our main objective is to ensure that the project stays on track adheres, to timelines, and remains within budget. We handle coordination with subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, manage work schedules efficiently and address any issues that may arise.

Scheduled Site Meetings; We strongly believe in maintaining lines of communication with our clients throughout the project duration. To keep you informed about the progress on site we organize site meetings. These meetings can be conducted either in person or via video call – whichever suits your schedule best.

Design Adjustments (if necessary); The regular site meetings are an opportunity to discuss any modifications to the original design brief. If there's something you'd like to change or tweak we are more, than willing to accommodate these adjustments and adapt accordingly. At New Build Contractors ensuring your satisfaction is our priority.

We are dedicated, to carrying out your project with diligence, meticulousness, and a high level of knowledge.

Your Partner in New Build Construction

At New Build Contractors we are your trusted partner, in the construction industry. Our expertise lies in creating commercial and residential properties that truly stand out. We are passionate about our work and take pride in bringing your dreams to life ensuring that each project reflects your vision. Whether it's designing homes that perfectly suit your lifestyle or crafting commercial spaces that make a bold statement we are committed, to delivering unmatched quality and innovation. With our team, construction becomes a journey where drawings transform into remarkable structures. Let us help you build the future you envision. Let's dive into the details of our services.

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New Build Construction Solutions Provider

At New Build Contractors we possess the expertise to successfully execute a range of build projects encompassing everything from house extensions to large commercial developments. Our extensive experience spans, across both the public sectors, where we have accomplished residential construction projects and commercial expansions. Our proficient teams have constructed units, including social housing as well as homes available for shared ownership or outright sale. As a build contractor we prioritize meticulous cost planning, efficient scheduling and effective budget management to ensure the delivery of top notch developments. You can trust us as a construction company known for our track record of completing projects punctually and, within allocated budgets.

Design and Build – Crafting Your Dream Home

At New Build Contractors we offer a Design and Build package that includes the expertise of our award-winning architect. From the concept to the completion of your project, our architect works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Our goal as experienced new build contractors is not to construct a house but to create a space that truly reflects your needs, lifestyle, and unique personality.

Unmatched Architectural Excellence

Our architect meticulously prepares detailed architectural drawings that seamlessly blend your ideas with their expertise. These plans ensure that every aspect of your house meets your preferences and specifications. Additionally, we handle all the permissions from the Local Authority taking care of any headaches, in the process.

Construction Led by Builders

Once we have finalized the plans and obtained all required permissions, our team of skilled housebuilders gets to work. We prioritize using high-quality materials. Employ top-notch construction techniques. Each brick is laid with care and precision as we strive to construct your dream home.

Interior Design. A Reflection of Your Personality

Our talented interior designer collaborates closely with you in selecting the interiors for your house. Whether you desire a look or prefer a cozy traditional theme our aim is for each room to tell your unique story.

Here, at New Build Contractors we are committed to delivering customer service and ensuring top-notch quality for our valued clients. Our team of professionals is dedicated to handling each project with utmost care ensuring that your dream luxury property is flawlessly designed and expertly crafted right down to the tiniest details. With our services, you can have a luxury home that will truly awe anyone who lays eyes on it.

At New Build Contractors we don't just offer a concept of your dream home; we turn it into a reality. Join us on this journey from the design phase all the way through construction and, beyond.

Quality - The New Build Contractors' Difference

At New Build Contractors we pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering top-notch quality in every aspect of our work. As leading contractors specializing in builds, we strive for excellence not in the final result but, throughout the entire journey.

Our Focus on Quality

Each development project presents us with an opportunity to redefine what quality means in the construction industry. We have identified areas that form the foundation of our commitment to maintaining high standards;

Putting Safety First; Our utmost priority is ensuring a safe working environment for our team and a secure home for you. We prioritize accident prevention through diligent work practices, backed by safety protocols.

Quality Across the Board; From design to project completion we uphold our commitment to delivering quality. This is achieved through planning, careful material selection, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Efficiency and Precision; Our goal is to minimize the need for rework or corrective actions by adopting a "get it right the time" approach. We take every step with care and precision aiming to reduce errors while maximizing efficiency.

Upholding a Positive Corporate Image; Our dedication to quality resonates throughout our business operations. We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity safeguarding our reputation as contractors known for their commitment to excellence, in new builds.

At New Build Contractors our focus goes beyond standards of quality it is the principle that defines us. We are dedicated, to delivering nothing of excellence throughout every phase crafting homes that withstand the trials of time and fostering a lasting connection, with you that extends well beyond the completion of your project.


Once you have identified your desired piece of land conducted a feasibility study obtained the planning permission and carefully budgeted for all costs involved you will be ready to commence the building process. Selecting the contractor is an incredibly important decision that requires careful consideration. You'll want to find a company that you can trust with your project and effectively collaborate with. Regardless of the complexity of your endeavor, we are confident that as your contractor we will provide guidance and ensure the completion of your project.

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FAQ's about New Build answered

Do you have a question about New Build Construction? Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions.

  • Ready for your build, are you?

    You are prepared to start construction once you have found your plot of land, finished your feasibility study, received the necessary planning clearance for your project, and budgeted your costs. Select your main contractor because construction is one of the most critical phases. Finding the right business to partner with and trust with your project is essential because it is a significant decision. No matter how complicated your project is, we are sure that as your main contractor, we will help you and get the job done on schedule.

  • What building services do we provide in the UK?

    New Build Contractors offers a wide range of services, including new build construction, project management, design and build, refurbishments, extensions, and renovations. We work across several sectors and have extensive experience in various residential and commercial sectors, including education, healthcare, commercial, and residential.

  • Why is it advised to involve the Builder right away in the design and concept phase?

    We have observed that preconceived notions and plans occasionally fall short of the budget's actual requirements, and on occasion, there may be construction concerns that are not fully detected until later in the bidding or construction phase, resulting in a time and money commitment. As a result, we have discovered that by involving your Builder early on in the design process and throughout, many of these problems can be easily resolved, discussed, and planned for in the early stages, resulting in a build process that is ultimately smoother and shorter and a design that is specifically tailored to your budget requirements.

  • What should I concentrate on first when choosing a home design?

    Making a list of reasons is the first step in choosing a house design that you enjoy. Why are you creating new things? Is it for a bigger or smaller space? more comfortable? or for a house that more closely fits your way of life? Your needs as a family (or investor) and individual should be revealed by responding to this question. Once you've created a list of your requirements, you may go on to consider the physical features of the home. Take a look at your lot and think about how your house will face the sun, how you might position it to take advantage of any vistas, and how its placement and orientation might affect your and your neighbors' privacy. Once you've chosen the location of your home's site and its floor plan, you may consider different style-related factors, such as the kind of roof you'll have, the size of your windows, and the cladding you'll employ.

  • Is it worth demolishing and rebuilding a house?

    As experienced new build contractors, we often encounter this question from homeowners with a vision. The answer, while dependent on individual circumstances, leans towards a resounding 'yes' for many. If your budget allows for a self-build and you've always envisioned a house that's perfectly tailored to your family's needs and lifestyle, then demolishing and rebuilding could be a fantastic path for you. The process enables you to start with a clean slate, allowing for creativity and innovation to take the lead, crafting a living space that's truly yours. If you're interested in exploring these possibilities and shaping your home to better fit your dreams, we're just a call away.

  • Are you licensed and insured to operate in the construction industry in the UK?

    Yes, as a reputable and reliable new-build construction company in the UK, we are fully licensed and insured to operate in the industry. We comply with all relevant regulations and standards and have obtained all the necessary licenses required to carry out our work legally and to the highest standards. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of the regulations and standards involved in the construction industry, ensuring compliance with all relevant requirements. Additionally, we have public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance to protect our clients, our team, and the general public from any unforeseen events that may occur during the construction process.

  • Why are some home designs more expensive than others?

    Even if two homes may have the same square footage, the design and building materials chosen by the homeowners can significantly affect the ultimate cost of each property. For instance, homes with mono-pitched roofs require more exterior wall cladding and have more expensive trusses. Overall, building it is more expensive than building a conventional hip-roof house. Similarly to this, it costs more to create a house with additional storage space. Each cabinet is made up of a variety of parts, including framing, plastering, painting, doors, door knobs, and shelves; the more parts there are, the more expensive they become. If you're considering a new construction, it's important to consider how the following aspects of home design can affect the price of your house: The type and quantity of exterior cladding. Internal wall surface. Window frame. Needed strength of the structure. Roofing pitch and design.

  • How Long Do New Builds Take to Build?

    The journey to constructing a bespoke new build is both exciting and complex. The timeline for such a project varies widely, influenced by factors such as the design's complexity, the selected construction contractor, subcontractor involvement, budget constraints, supplies, permissions, permits, and more. Average Construction Time - On average, an entirely bespoke home, completed without external or uncontrollable delays, takes approximately nine months. This timeline ensures that every aspect of the build, from initial groundwork to final finishing touches, is executed to the highest quality and attention to detail.

  • How much will a New Build Cost?

    Giving the exact cost of a new build project requires more than just a ballpark figure - it needs a tailored process that takes various factors into account. At New Build Contractors we start this process by undertaking an in-depth survey of your proposed project site.

  • Can you build within my budget?

    Absolutely! As experienced new build contractors, our priority is to bring your dream project to life within your specified budget. We work jointly with our clients in the UK, devising comprehensive plans that align with their budgets.

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